Three Pillars of a Software Factory


Infrastructure Automation

We believe in automating to the maximum degree possible, ensuring consistent, versionable and robust infrastructure and application platforms. Find out how.

Hybrid Cloud Engineering

We bridge your on-premise infrastructure with your public cloud and creating a seamless hybrid cloud management solution. Learn more.

Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Creating standardized, automated and secure application deployment pipelines that drive continuous delivery. See how we transform software development.
Infrastructure Automation

Maximum agentless automation without vendor lock-in

Infrastructure Automation

We believe in automating to the maximum degree possible, ensuring consistent, versionable and robust infrastructure across multiple providers.

  • Infrastructure-as-code automates everything from virtual machines to networking equipment
  • Agentless provisioning and orchestration of virtual machines, middleware platforms, application deployment workflows and complex application environments.
  • Drive consistency, predictability and reliability by minimizing manual configuration and eliminating “snowflake servers”.
  • Role-based access and workflow control across multiple providers
  • Detailed audit and logging.
  • Integrated with hybrid cloud management and continuous delivery modules.
Hybrid Cloud Management

Unify your on-premise and cloud infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud Engineering

We bridge your on-premise infrastructure with cloud Single control panel to manage and monitor workloads across on-premise and cloud.

  • One pane of glass to monitor and manage VMs, bare metal, cloud and container infrastructure.
  • Manage resource lifecycle and compliance across providers.
  • Integrated orchestration and provisioning.
  • Self-service provisioning of environments through role-based access.
  • Workload brokering and chargeback tools.
Continuous Delivery

Accelerate devops in the enterprise

Continuous Delivery

With our powerful and flexible Oteemo X framework we create standardized, automated and secure application deployment pipelines that drive continuous delivery.

  • Fully customizable to organizational policies
  • Emphasis on automated testing
  • Built-in security and compliance tools
  • Autoscaling capabilities for the cloud
  • (Optional) Containerized and ready to run out of the box

Containers at Scale

We have been helping organizations design and implement enterprise scale container solutions. Concepts such container run-time platforms, container security, container networking, container governance, continuous compliance of container build pipelines, container storage, logging, monitoring, reporting etc. are some of the core concepts that our solution will provide. Our container solution integrates with our Automation and Continuous Delivery solutions where the entire container ecosystem is codified, and standard build pipelines and reference architectures for building and deploying containers through software lifecycle are readily available.



Engage Oteemo early in your enterprise initiatives. Our approach is customer-focused and our product and services will enable you to quickly and efficiently implement a strategy and execution plan to drive ROI and desired business outcomes.



Through our unique mentoring methodology, we will help train and mentor your staff on the best practices of Agile methodology and technologies related to the Oteemo X Framework as we are building the solution for you and your organization.


With laser focus on customer’s business requirements, we help our customers deliver outstanding results and become successful. At the end of the day, we deliver results and we don’t consider ourselves successful unless our customer’s are successful.

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