Containers are revolutionizing the way IT organizations build, deploy and maintain software. 

Virtual machines delivered on the promise of greater workload density and increased savings but they unfortunately created a new burden of server sprawl across the enterprise.  Managing and maintaining this sprawl keeps becoming more difficult and expensive every day. The ability to standardize how applications are delivered, deployed, monitored and maintained consistently is sorely lacking in these environments. 

Containers deliver this capability, and can help accelerate the adoption of DevOps. Operations teams become much more efficient by focusing on automation solutions and providing compute resources to teams. This enables them to offload the specialized configuration of these containers to the teams of application developers who best understand them. Consistent environments eliminate the classic problem of “It works in development but not in production”. On top of that, the underlying infrastructure based on container runtime platforms such as Kubernetes becomes resilient to failure, with high-availability and auto-scaling becoming a core part of the overall solution. Applications can be deployed without any downtime, servers can be patched without outages, and resource utilization can be optimized. The right amount of compute for running an application is used, with the ability to scale up, or down, on-demand. 

Not every workload is suitable to be run in containers, and containers are not going to immediately replace virtual machines. There is a process and maturity that an organization must to go through in order to realize the optimal ROI from a containerized environment.

We have been helping organizations design and implement enterprise scale container solutions. Concepts such container run-time platforms, container security, container networking, container governance, continuous compliance of container build pipelines, container storage, logging, monitoring, reporting etc. are some of the core concepts that our solution will provide. 

Our container solution integrates with our Automation and Continuous Delivery solutions where the entire container ecosystem is codified, and standard build pipelines and reference architectures for building and deploying containers through software lifecycle are readily available.

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