Continuous Delivery

Continuous DeliveryOteemo’s Continuous Delivery services enable organizations to deliver software rapidly in a standardized manner without compromising quality and security. Standardized and automated software delivery pipelines for physical, virtual and containerized workloads are available through Oteemo X. We work with application teams to configure their applications to onboard them into the out-of-the-box delivery pipeline, or customize the pipeline to existing policies within the organization. The goal of a standardized pipeline is to ensure all applications and services follow a common path as they move from development to production.

Our continuous delivery solution can be rapidly implemented in cloud or datacenter. Our infrastructure automation and hybrid cloud management solutions allow rapid creation and management of the continuous delivery pipelines because we treat pipeline as code as well.

Our Continuous Delivery solution delivers the following capabilities to our customers:

  • Standardize on a common software assembly process and pipeline.
  • Pipeline-as-code to drive reliability and predictability and aligning with principles of automation and devops.
  • Reference architectures for auto-scaling pipeline build and workflow systems in the cloud and container platforms.
  • Scalable pipeline architecture that works within physical, virtual, cloud and container platforms.
  • Secure pipelines with code quality checks, CVE checks and continuous compliance of the software supply chain.
  • Fully customizable pipeline that suits the needs of a customer’s organization and policies.
  • Integrations with agile tools such as Jira and Confluence, repositories such as Nexus and Artifactory, messaging tools such as Slack and HipChat.
  • ChatOps enabled solutions available.