Accelerate, Adopt, and Enable Cloud Native and DevSecOps Capabilities

Oteemo helps enterprises unlock the power of modern technology to transform their businesses. Large and mid-sized commercial and government entities work with Oteemo to accelerate, adopt, and enable cloud native and DevSecOps capabilities that deploy reliable, predictable, and secure software within hours and minutes instead of days and months.

The Oteemo Way

“The Oteemo Way” connects people, processes, and technologies to define, equip, and enable efficient and effective transformation across all digital domains. By evaluating and optimizing every area of the digital supply chain – integrating digital engineering, user experience, customer experience, and project and product management protocols – Oteemo helps customers Engage, Accelerate, Adopt, and Win.

Unmatched Experience

Oteemo’s experience working with customers in highly regulated industries where security and reliability are paramount makes us uniquely qualified to meet these requirements. In addition to supporting leading businesses in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and related regulated industries, we also serve the DoD, Department of Homeland Security, GSA, and several other government entities.

Understand your DevSecOps opportunities

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise - Oteemo

DevSecOps Transformation

DevSecOps Operating Model and codified frameworks to align key functions around release engineering and continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, continuous monitoring and observability, project to product-based model transformation.
Areas of Expertise - Oteemo

Cloud Solutions

Tiered everything-as-code design constructs, lift + shift + transform methodology for cloud strategy, migrations, automation, security, and optimization.

Areas of Expertise - Oteemo

Cloud Native Application Development

12-factor application design including cloud-compatible frameworks, microservices, legacy to cloud native service migrations, optimized security features and more.
Areas of Expertise - Oteemo

Container Solutions

Kubernetes migrations, containerization, container security and compliance, and codified container ecosystems with standard build pipelines and reference architectures.
Areas of Expertise - Oteemo

MLOps Transformation

Unified, elastic, and scalable processes for managing ML data sets at scale including everything-as-code principles, automated software pipelines, and codified frameworks to align key functions around MLOps.

Who We Are & What We Do

As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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