An Oteemo DoD DevSecOps Assessment Tool

Do you meet the standards of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design?

Machined in the depths of Oteemo, Argus is an all-seeing assessment tool that takes the complex task of assessing the strength of your DevSecOps Software Factory against the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design and turns it into an easy-to-read report with actionable insights to ensure DoD readiness.

Argus was designed to help organizations understand their DoD readiness

By visualizing their strengths and areas for improvement. Laid out on a map of priorities, the report focuses on the ten core areas of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design

Argus sees everything

Argus assesses your software and provides actionable recommendations in a comprehensive report. 

In the complex world of reviewing DevSecOps Ecosystems, Oteemo developed a tool to quickly and thoroughly review emerging  and existing products for compliance with DoD DevSecOps Reference Design.

Planning Through Deployment and Monitoring

Argus reviews all phases of the DevSecOps Development Framework

Comprehensive review of Tools & Activities

A review of tools for the DevSecOps ecosystem and DevSecOps activities for each phase.

Automated Processes

Anything that can be automated, should be automated. From actions and processes to interface and security tests, seamless automation is essential.

Organizational Changes for holistic views and shared responsibility

Ensuring the proper breakdown of silos and integration of shared DevSecOps. Responsibility is delegated to the lowest level. 

Ensure strategy for a continuous framework

Checks for continuous and ongoing build, integration, delivery, deployment, operation, and monitoring

CI/CD Orchestrator

Review of the automated orchestrator that manages the pipeline from creation to termination.

From your best coverage to your most frustrating gaps

Argus will provide you with a birds eye view of how your tool stands up to DevSecOps readiness.

and Gaps

Argus takes a diagonal approach to identify your strongest areas of coverage, and the gaps that need addressing

Breakdown and Impact Ranking

Argus analyzes 100+ different points in areas from Network, Endpoint, Data Security and more!

Cybersecurity Posture & DevSecOps Posture

Argus’ comprehensive report includes both cybersecurity and DevSecOps analysis. Both are vital to proper implementation and give a holistic look into a framework.

“The Argus Assessment offers the most comprehensive way to assess readiness against the standards of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design”

Nic Chaillan
First U.S. Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer (CSO)

Trust our DoD Experience 

Helping the DoD optimize the Iron Bank.

 The DoD turned to Oteemo to provide the DevSecOps and Kubernetes expertise necessary to make the ML project successful. Oteemo also helped ensure that the right skillsets were always available via long term support and other training initiatives for long term success.  

Enabling DoD Big Bang users

Oteemo collaborated with the broader P1 team to implement solutions for Big Bang customers including new package development, bug fixes, automation, process improvements, and more. 

Oteemo works with P1 to support customers with fundamental needs like air-gapped environments and edge device support. Oteemo has also been able to help simplify their deployment processes with further integration and testing of Air Gap in Gitlab CI/CD. 

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