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Oteemo specializes in helping organizations successfully adopt DevSecOps and accelerate cloud native transformations. Working on the premise that effective enterprise
transformations are BUILT, not bought, Oteemo brings together People, Process, Technology, and Culture to Optimize Throughputs, Enable Enterprises, and Maximize Outcomes.

Based on our extensive experience in implementing enterprise-scale DevSecOps, Oteemo has realized that the single biggest factor that leads to unsuccessful DevSecOps implementations is a lack of shared understanding of DevSecOps’ meaning and importance. DevSecOps as a buzzword has grown so much in popularity that it means many different things to many different people. So the question becomes: “How do we ensure alignment within the organization when it comes to our approach and move the organization in the right direction to successfully adopt these practices?”

Oteemo approaches DevSecOps through its DevSecOps Functional Model. This framework cuts across the enterprise with structure and guidance for all DevSecOps initiatives. Embedding security across all disciplines, and moving IT from a cost center to an enabler, Oteemo’s unique framework helps customers accelerate successful transformations.


Oteemo brings this acceleration to the enterprise by developing a comprehensive DevSecOps Blueprint. Designed to discover, document, and educate IT organizations, the Blueprint creates a shared understanding and a common set of goals for DevSecOps transformations.

Oteemo starts by analyzing the six core areas of the DevSecOps Functional Model through cross-organizational interviews, whiteboard sessions, and process review. This analysis provides an in-depth understanding of the software delivery supply chain and its maturity, informing how and where DevSecOps practices should be implemented.

The Blueprint includes:

  • Current State Report – Comprehensive current state assessment of DevSecOps practices detailing findings, gaps, areas of improvements and recommended actions.
  • DevSecOps Maturity – Current DevSecOps capability and targets.
  • Refined DevSecOps Goals – Customized DevSecOps goals and Operating Model
    developed around organizational maturity and vision.
  • DevSecOps Roadmap – Detailed roadmap with concrete steps to achieve the goals and remediate findings.

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