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The Oteemo team spends a lot of time listening and learning about digital modernization and transformation trends and best practices. As our expertise spans people, processes, and technologies – from agile and change management principles through cloud native application development and cloud engineering and migration, as well as ML/AI – our associates have amassed a large library of information. Here are some of the articles, books, and videos the Oteemo team is reading now.

The Art of the OKR, Redux

Like many organizations, Oteemo encourages organizations to think about IT metrics, outcomes, and KPIs. Over the last few years, OKRs have become a baseline approach for organizations looking to align around Objectives and Key Results instead of vanity metrics. Christina R. Wodtke lays out an approach around how to effectively implement OKRs without falling into the traps that commonly plague IT organizations around metrics. Her article is required reading for Oteemo’s consultants, especially those who are standing up SRE, Product, and Platform teams within organizations.

Oteemo's Favorite Content - Oteemo

Failed #SquadGoals

Spotify doesn’t use “the Spotify model” and neither should you.

One of Oteemo’s associates likes to joke that they are a “recovering Agile Coach”. Why? In seeing many organizations be falsely promised the Spotify model, understand agile’s misues. This article painfly describes the turn of events and lesson learned at one organization’s effort to adopt the Spotify method and how they would have warned against attempting this adoption if they could have.

Oteemo's Favorite Content - Oteemo

Product vs Project Teams

A lot of organizations are adopting (or trying to adopt) a new paradigm of working, shifting from time-bound (project) work to product-based work and Marty Cagan is a thought leader in this area. Whenever Oteemo consults organiations interested in adopting a DevSecOps operating model or taking a product-based approach to initiatives, we reference Marty’s articles.

Oteemo's Favorite Content - Oteemo

Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering

Wil Larson’s book, an Elegant Puzzle, is a reference book for many of Oteemo’s consultants. One of his most popular chapters and articles, “Your First 90 Days as CTO or VP Engineering,” is particularly poignant. In it, the author shares how he applies an approach that’s both tactial and strategic to change organizations from within, establishing a foundation for success through hard learned lessons.

Oteemo's Favorite Content - Oteemo

Migrations: The Sole Scalable Fix to Tech Debt

Wil Larson’s book also sparks many fruitful conversations about migrations at Oteemo. Refactoring, technical debt, and moving away from architectures are all nuanced topics and apporaches to challenges organizations face on a daily basis. This article is particularly poignant in its position around when to move off an architecture and the value of moving away from it rather than trying to ‘hand jam’ an upgrade or a refactor to what cannot be upgraded or refactored in an elegantl or timely manner. Admitting that a migration is better than a refactor is a powerful view of Oteemo’s work.

Oteemo's Favorite Content - Oteemo

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