Oteemo Receives SBIR Phase III Award

January 27, 2023 | By Oteemo

sbir award

Oteemo Awarded SBIR Phase III Contract

Reston, Virginia – Oteemo, a leader in the Enterprise Cloud Native & DevSecOps Transformation Consultancy industry, has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract.  The five-year vehicle, sponsored by the U.S. Air Force, is managed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and is accessible to clients throughout the Federal government.

This SBIR Phase III award is a major milestone in Oteemo’s successful history in supporting Federal and commercial clients with Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Cyber, application modernization and Enablement offerings to help with DevSecOps environments and migrate to a true agile cloud environment. 

“Digital transformation is not just about technology.  It also encompasses the transition of an organization’s people—upscaling, training and cultural adoption of modern agile constructs is key to a successful workforce.  Oteemo’s SBIR is the integration of all these dependencies and technologies and is a quick and efficient way for a client to acquire these services and meet the challenges of modern software factories and development environments supporting mission requirements.”

– John Humphrey, VP of Federal Business Unit.

Oteemo’s SBIR Phase III IDIQ contract enables federal organizations to adopt and mature DevSecOps, cloud-native, and enterprise architecture in a rapid manner to its infrastructure.


Managed by GSA, the SBIR Phase III enables any federal organization looking for these solutions to now directly engage Oteemo without the need of an intermediary. Additionally, Oteemo is able to extend our SBIR Phase III vehicle to its strategic partners. Oteeemo can collaborate with strategic partners to offer more complete solutions to organizations.

“Oteemo was able to take its service offerings in the commercial space and successfully apply it in the federal government arena. In a short period of time, we’ve created a repeatable solution and offering for federal agencies to help them quickly meet their needs in the rapidly changing tech environment.” – Raja Gudepu, CEO

With this SBIR Phase III award, Oteemo offers the following solutions:

  • Application development and onboarding support into cloud-native environments
  • Kubernetes platform development, orchestration, and management
  • Cloud-native/Kubernetes security engineering
  • Platform and environment integration
  • Platform onboarding support
  • Dedicated pipeline support and enablement
  • Cloud-Native engineering enablement and training and training environment
  • Development and maintenance of hardened container pipeline and repository
  • Discovery and framing for DevSecOps learning and enablement programs.

SBIR is a government program designed to support scientific excellence and technological innovation. Through the investment of Federal research funds in critical American priorities, the program stimulates technological innovation, meets Federal research and development needs, fosters and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, and increases private-sector commercialization of innovations. 

SBIR Phase III accreditation Includes:

  • the right to sole-source contracts;
  • exemption from SBA size standards for a procurement;
  • no limits on the dollar size of a Phase III procurement;
  • a right to the Phase III mandate, by which the SBIR firm has a right to be awarded a future Phase III award to the greatest extent practicable;
  • the right to receive subcontracts for Phase III work on a sole-source basis; and
  • the ability to pursue research, research and development, services, products, production, or any combination of those under a Phase III.

Oteemo was founded in 2014 on the premise that effective enterprise transformations are BUILT, not bought. We specialize in helping organizations successfully adopt DevSecOps and accelerate cloud-native transformations by bringing together People, Processes, Technology, and Culture to Optimize Throughputs, Enable Enterprises, and Maximize Outcomes.


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