Oteemo becomes a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, and joins CNCF as silver member

December 29, 2020

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

We are excited to announce that Oteemo is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and a silver member of Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF).

The KCSP program ensures that enterprises get the top notch support they’re looking for to roll out new cloud native applications more rapidly and efficiently than before, while being secure in the knowledge that there’s a trusted and vetted partner with deep experience available to support their production and operational needs. With this trust and credibility, enterprises can rely on Oteemo to bring the necessary expertise and guidance for their Kubernetes journey to cloud native application platforms.

As part of our commitment to the CNCF and Kubernetes, we will continue our work and participation in the open source community and help enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes. We already have experience implementing Kubernetes in a variety of industries such as Financial Tech, Public Sector, Retail, Education and more.

Oteemo Kubernetes Capabilities

We are helping our clients accelerate their adoption of Kubernetes and cloud native architectures with a broad range of offerings:

Enterprise Ready Kubernetes Platform Accelerator

Through years of expertise gained in building production grade Kubernetes platforms, Oteemo has packaged Kubernetes Accelerator to drive the acceleration and adoption of Kubernetes within enterprises. This accelerator addresses all the major enterprise concerns such as security, monitoring, governance, logging, reporting and provides a cohesive and uniform approach to managing Kubernetes. For more details, check out our post on “Accelerating Kubernetes and Cloud-native Adoption”.

Container Strategy, Architecture and Implementation

Our container strategy defines the long-term goals and target state blueprints for containerization by outlining the impact on application architectures and changes required to align application development to cloud-native design paradigms. Roles and responsibilities across the organization are defined via a  RACI matrix for understanding the integration with IT operating models and application development practices (DevOps).

Our container architecture covers three core capabilities of the overall solution:

  1. Operationalization of Kubernetes as the container platform establishes the principles, patterns, capabilities, components and products that are desirable to have as part of a fully ready enterprise grade container strategy.
  2. Release engineering and CICD capabilities in a cloud-native platform leveraging GitOps for cluster-repository parity and auditable cluster workflow.
  3. Development of cloud-native applications such as microservices and 12Factor applications to align with container and cloud-native designs.

Application Decomposition and Modernization

We work with IT leadership to decompose monolithic applications into manageable cloud-native components implemented as microservices and packaged and deployed as containers on a Kubernetes cluster.  We start by working with our customers to understand their data and message flows in order to optimize how services are realized to separate business concerns and create independently deployable services.  Next, we create a roadmap that realizes both short-term and long-term goals in moving to a distributed and containerized architecture. Our execution strategy is to keep current services operational while helping the transition to more manageable architectures that will keep our clients competitive in their marketplace.

Container Migration

Driven by business needs for higher velocity, reliability, predictability and cost reductions, enterprises are turning to containers to support their modern IT development. Container solutions also accelerate an organization’s journey to cloud by isolating applications from the underlying infrastructure, reducing the lock-in risk and significantly reducing infrastructure costs. We work with infrastructure engineering teams, development and product teams, security teams and release engineering teams of an organization to ensure a unified and cohesive cloud-native and container migration.

Container Security

Securely manage the end-to-end containerized software ecosystem including container signatures and image scanning, real-time vulnerability scanning, monitoring and distributed stack tracing, automated certificate management and policy-based container networking.

Try Us Out

Our teams comprise of strategists, practitioners and coaches that are passionate about cloud-native solutions and helping our customers accomplish their most difficult challenges in their journey to the cloud and cloud-native platforms. Contact us if you want to have a conversation about accelerating your enterprise container adoption.



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