Oteemo X

The DevOps Acceleration Framework

Oteemo X Architecture

Roll out infrastructure to the cloud in minutes.

Extensive self-service infrastructure capabilities for developers, QA and production.

On-board your developers to any project rapidly.

Build on top of your existing infrastructure. Integrate and extend your existing technologies.

Oteemo X is extensible and customizable. Drives Agile so customer’s release cycles can be planned in weeks instead of months/years.

Our unique Mentoring methodology trains and mentors our customers as we customize our product for our customers.

Oteemo X is a framework designed to accelerate adoption of DevOps in the enterprise. Combining best-of-breed agile development, testing, security and compliance practices, Oteemo X creates a continuous delivery framework that lets organization rapidly go from idea to product reliably and consistently.

How It Works

Oteemo X leverages the principles of extreme automation, and integrates proven open source products into a continuous delivery framework. Everything is treated and versioned as code, be it infrastructure, environment or platform. As a result, it becomes incredibly fast and effective to deploy an entire bespoke development environment on a IaaS cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, even on bare metal or virtualized infrastructure in your datacenter.

Innovate Rapidly

Oteemo X is not a one-size-fits-all solution that forces you into a preconceived pattern. It is a customizable framework that is tailor-fit to your specific needs, and expands to embrace the technology you already own. Our ultimate goal is to help drive innovation and reduce the time to market for our customers. Our consultants work with you to fully understand your DevOps requirements, existing applications and processes, tools and technologies. They then provide the target state architecture, guidance and implementation expertise to help accelerate the adoption of DevOps. We make sure you obtain maximum ROI from your investment in Oteemo X by mentoring and on-boarding development teams and applications.

We also work with our customers to modernize their existing legacy applications into more modular and scalable architectures, helping them realize the dream of rapid innovation and continuous delivery.

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