What is DevOps?

Oteemo X drives the adoption of DevOps by its flexibility and loosely coupled framework that helps accelerate cloud-native transformation. Broken down into discrete modules, X provides the key components and integrations essential to creating best-of-the-breed solutions across Release Engineering, Container Platform Operationalization, Infrastructure
Automation and aligning to Cloud-native architectures.

Oteemo X modules provide immense acceleration for our customers in transforming their organization into a high-performing software factory. Our Accelerators have saved our customers months of time and millions of dollars in costs while eliminating the risk of implementing the wrong solution on their own through trial and error.

10 Key Elements to Ensure Successful DevOps
Based on our experience driving successful enterprise DevOps initiatives.

Oteemo X Accelerators for Cloud-Native DevOps

Oteemo X-RE

  • A state-of-the-art cloud native release engineering framework built entirely on container architectures.
  • Fully integrated framework that connects build management, static code analysis, software repositories, continuous compliance of packages, automated testing, logging, monitoring and reporting of release engineering metrics.
  • Helps drive standardization, repeatability and predictability of software releases.
  • Enables traceability from check-in through deployment with auditable trail of actions through the software lifecycle.
  • Helps create faster feedback loops and shift- left mindset. Bridges the gap efficiently between Dev, Test, Ops, Compliance, and Security teams..
Oteemo X-C

  • A battle-tested and proven Kubernetes configuration for your organization.
  • Cohesive monitoring, alerting and log aggregation provides a comprehensive view into the health of the platform and your applications.
  • Scalable and elastic using standard and/or custom metrics to fit the cluster to your unique workload needs.
  • Secure-by-default configuration opening access to users and services on an as-needed basis using RBAC and Network Policy
  • Multi-datacenter high-availability configuration to support DR requirements from Day 1.
  • Configuration-as-code ensures your cluster changes are versioned, auditable and match the desired state of the cluster.
Oteemo X-IA

  • A scalable, tiered approach to infrastructure automation that can adapt rapidly to changing business requirements without retooling
  • Infrastructure-as-code is tested and versioned just like application code, allowing for tremendous flexibility across providers and environments
  • Automated security and compliance.
  • Event-based automation of basic support tasks (optional).
  • Ephemeral environments on demand from standardized configurations, including infrastructure and middleware..
  • API Integration options with a variety of support tools such as CMDBs, cloud management platforms, monitoring and alerting applications and more.

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