Why Your People Are as Important to Enablement as Your Technology

June 4, 2021 | By DevSecOps Team

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Oteemo’s enterprise enablement services bring IT teams to a place of self-sufficiency. Through our unique approach to digital enterprise enablement, we help customers transform their people, processes, and technology to meet their business objectives. And while every element of enablement is critical, true transformations start with people. 

As the backbone of the IT team, it is employees and leaders who drive enterprise transformation forward. Processes function optimally when people have the capabilities they need to operate technology and follow processes effectively. Here’s why people are as important to transformation as technology. 

The Importance of People in Technology

Digital Transformation Starts with People

Many IT consultant firms claim to transform digital supply chains, but Oteemo takes this transformation a step further. Understanding that a team’s skills, values, and culture set the foundation for transformation, we enable teams. Self-sufficiency, rather than IT consultant dependency, is our goal. 

Enabled teams use technologies more effectively. In other words, people are on the front lines of the digital supply chain transformation. 

Once teams have the skills and mindset they need for true transformation, you’ll have a more efficient, agile, and aligned organization. Enabled teams face challenges and solve problems independently, without relying on consultants. They consistently deliver on enterprise objectives, refining processes without sacrificing productivity.

So, how do you empower people to be self-sufficient?

Partnering with an experienced IT consulting firm is the first step. The right consultancy will help transform your digital supply chain and ensure adoption. Oteemo is proud to support its customers through enablement, taking a boots-on-the-ground approach to IT transformation. 

Oteemo’s IT Enablement Services

When it comes to enabling your people, Oteemo’s services are second to none. We ensure that your people are optimally equipped and self-sufficient. We start with a blueprint that’s specific to your organization’s needs and goals. 

Oteemo’s transformation experts give your people the power through enterprise enablement. We know that the best IT operations enablement services put people at the center. As one of the few domestic firms with the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Certified Kubernetes Training Provider (KTP) certifications with the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Oteemo uniquely enables teams in Kubernetes and all areas of IT operations. 

Striving to enable our customers with the skills and tools that ensure adoption, we create customized enablement programs with a variety of tools and techniques. Self-directed online and LMS learning and challenges, virtual and in-person workshops and classrooms, and other proven approaches are used to enable:

  • SREs & DevSecOps Engineers – teach DevSecOps fundamentals to efficiently and effectively deploy and operate solutions.
  • Application Developers – educate on fundamentals to deploy applications natively in the cloud.
  • Managers & Executives – provide an overview of migrating and transforming applications, and tools for success, including how to manage cloud native projects and onboard teams.

We also provide side-by-side engineering, shared knowledge, and documentation improvement to empower teams and ensure self-sufficiency so customers can independently sustain processes and operating models. 

The experts at Oteemo are proud to offer enterprise enablement services for organizations of all sizes. Based in Reston, VA, we enable teams in a variety of focus areas. We believe that digital supply chain transformations are built, not bought, and your people are at the center of enablement. Contact us today to start your IT transformation.



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