Our mission is to help accelerate innovation for our customers and transform their enterprises into high-performing software factories. As Cloud Native specialists, we help our clients in their digital transformation journeys by bringing together People, Process and Technology.

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Allison Breeding Joins Oteemo Advisory Board

Allison Breeding Joins Oteemo Advisory Board

Oteemo, Inc., a leading enterprise DevSecOps and cloud native transformation consultancy, has announced the appointment of Allison Breeding as Board Advisor. “I’m looking forward to being part of Oteemo’s board at this very exciting time in the Company’s growth...

11 Lessons from Cloud Native Transformations

11 Lessons from Cloud Native Transformations

Developing a Cloud Native platform for your organization is almost like building a startup from scratch. It requires discipline, culture, and planning, but most importantly, it requires a mission and a vision. As a Cloud Native and Enterprise DevSecOps consultancy, we...

We are your Trusted Advisor and Partner in business technology, and not a vendor that creates dependencies. We mentor, train and enable your teams so you become self-sufficient.


Engage Oteemo early in your enterprise initiatives. We are strategists and practioners. We are results-oriented and focus on outcomes. Our goal is to bring acceleration that will enable you and your teams to quickly and efficiently implement a strategy and execution plan to drive ROI and desired business outcomes.


Through our unique mentoring methodology, we will train and mentor your staff on the best practices of building intelligent and efficient software factories using containers, cloud, continuous delivery solutions. We do not create solutions in a black-box. Instead we create Hybrid teams with our customers and bring them along on the technology journey.


Our mission is to help drive innovation for our customers and help them WIN. We ensure that the right technical solutions are designed and built to achieve desired business goals. Aligning business and technology is our specialty. At the end of the day, we deliver results and we don’t consider ourselves successful unless our customers are winning.

Achieve More with Less.
Containerize Now.

Containers are proving to be transformational for those who are ready to take advantage of such platforms. Make DevOps a reality in your organization by adopting containers.
Discover infrastructure freedom on a platform that allows true portability between datacenters and clouds.
Simplify operational concerns and acheive resource optimization by treating your compute resources as an application grid.
Enhance security by utilizing purpose-built nodes and containers with reduced attack surface area.
Achieve DevOps harmony by leveraging containers as the standard for application delivery and deployment.
Containers can help you better scale your people and your compute resources by simplifying and standardizing application delivery and management. Schedule time with our Containers Practice Lead to learn about how you can start with containers.
Automate IT, and Move Towards Software-Defined Everything
We help clients achieve scalable, reliable and resilient infrastruture, platforms and application environments.
Automate every process and piece of infrastructure – Virtual Machine Provisioning and Lifecycle, Network, Storage, Security Configurations and Application Environments
Control configuration drift. Know exactly what differences, if any, exist between your application environments and who changed what when.
Drive consistency, predictability and reliability by minimizing manual configuration and eliminating “snowflake servers”.
Implement automated testing of infrastructure by Test Driven Development for Infrastructure-as-code.
Learn how Infrastructure Automation enables you to create and maintain a scalable, versionable and resilient infrastructure across multiple providers. Talk to our Infrastruture Automation Architects to find out more.
Hybrid Cloud Engineering
We bridge the gap between your
on-premise and cloud infrastructure.
Single pane of glass to monitor and manage VMs, bare metal, cloud and container infrastructure.
Manage resource lifecycle and compliance across providers.
Integrated orchestration and provisioning without agents.
Self-service provisioning of application environments and stacks through role-based access.
Chargeback and reporting capability to know how resources are consumed across different application portfolios and teams.
We can help you with your journey to the cloud and show you how to accelerate that journey. Schedule some time with our Cloud Architects to learn more.
Continuous Delivery for Modern Infrastructures
Your ability to deliver the right thing, on time, helps build a business your customers can count on. We’ll show you how to increase the velocity, security and quality of your delivery.
Flexible delivery on-premise, in the cloud and in containers.
Build quality in from the start to reduce application errors and speed up the testing process.
Shift security “left” to ensure early discovery and resolution of potential problems.
Create a simple, yet effective, software delivery process that meets your compliance standards.
Ensure successful product rollouts through predictable and reliable build pipelines.
Let us show you how Continuous Delivery is evolving for modern infrastructures running in Cloud and Container infrastructures. Schedule some time with our Continuous Delivery expert consultants to learn more.
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