What Our Clients Say About Our Work

Oteemo’s customers have shared their enthusiasm for our support ever since we started.
Here are some of the most notable testimonials.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“I am thrilled to share our experience with Oteemo as a partner for our technology needs at OIEGSA. We oversee the end-to-end operations of a major social infrastructure project in Mexico, which involves providing crucial technology support. Cybersecurity is a top priority for us, as it plays a vital role in safeguarding our operations and data.

Our strategic objective was to enhance our cybersecurity posture and operations. After evaluating several technology solutions firms, we chose Oteemo based on their exceptional track record, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, and dedicated senior leadership involvement in our project.

Oteemo conducted a thorough assessment of our organization’s cybersecurity landscape and delivered an extensive Cyber Strategy and Roadmap with targeted remediation measures. Throughout the engagement, Oteemo’s team of experts worked closely with our stakeholders and engineers across various functions, fostering effective collaboration.

The results of their services have empowered us with the confidence to align our investments and organizational priorities, leading us to make significant progress toward our overarching security objectives.

We are delighted to have Oteemo as our trusted technology partner, and we eagerly look forward to the next phase of our collaboration, where we will continue to enhance our cybersecurity posture with their support.”

Laura Briseño


What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“Virginia Department of Health’s (VDH) core mission is to protect the health and promote the well-being of all people in Virginia. In order to support the mission, VDH set upon finding ways to better serve our citizens. One of the main initiatives is to transform our IT processes to be lean and agile to adapt to rapidly evolving public health response scenarios.

VDH partnered with Oteemo to assess and improve our IT solutions delivery processes and provide recommendations. Oteemo conducted a detailed assessment of existing systems and processes and provided a road map for achieving our strategic goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Oteemo to accelerate our modernization efforts, as appropriate.”

Suresh Soundararajan

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Virginia Department of Health

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“Our IT mission, like our company mission, is to take great care of the patient every day and in every way. We do this by developing solutions and technology with highly disciplined and rigorous engineering practices, processes, and solutions. Oteemo’s help in developing and implementing measurable, quality-focused practices has significantly increased the pace of integration and innovation. I expect that our expanding partnership will continue to accelerate our capabilities.”

Adam Martin

Senior Director Applications, Mednax

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“As part of our journey to AIOps, we were in the process of transitioning our product platform to a microservices architecture. This transformation involved quite a bit of orchestration using containers, kubernetes and other cloud native services. We engaged Oteemo to provide that expertise and help accelerate our transformation. We are extremely pleased to have Oteemo as our strategic partner.”

Narayan Partangel

Vice President of Engineering, ScienceLogic

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Telos Corporation, we push ourselves to take advantage of the latest technologies to improve both our product offerings and our customer’s experience. When we embarked on a journey to modernize our core product, Xacta, to align with Cloud Native and DevSecOps principles and practices, we engaged Oteemo to assist with the design and implementation of the underlying Cloud Native platform to seamlessly deploy the modernized product. We needed a portable solution and standardized model to deploy our product on-premises as well as into any of the major cloud providers (AWS, AWS GovCloud, AWS C2S, Microsoft Azure, etc.)”

“Oteemo worked with our team from requirements capture and analysis to platform design, migration strategy and roll out of the cloud native platform. They integrated seamlessly with our teams and soon became our trusted partners. Their expertise in DevSecOps, Kubernetes, automation (Ansible, Terraform, etc.), cloud and solutions, coupled with Agile principles, has enabled us to quickly and efficiently achieve our product modernization goals. We are very pleased to have Oteemo as a strategic partner in our digital transformation and modernization journey.”

Jeff Schneider

Vice President, Corporate Software Development, Telos

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Freddie Mac, we believe in delivering quality IT solutions that will enable our mission and service delivery for our customers. As part of the enterprise digital transformation, our teams are modernizing applications to adopt microservices, containers and cloud native architectures. We needed a partner to help accelerate this journey
for us.

We engaged Oteemo to bring their containers, Kubernetes and microservices development expertise to the teams at Freddie Mac. We are very pleased with Oteemo’s work ethic, their work product and their expertise in the cloud native space.”

Ritesh Gupta

Director of DevOps, Freddie Mac

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Lenovo, we are always striving to improve and continuously modernize how we bring new products to market, with the end goal of releasing and deploying new products at the speed of our customers, with high quality, security and scalability. We decided on Kubernetes as a key architectural component to enable us to achieve our goals.

Previous to our engagement with Oteemo, our team had some experience with Kubernetes but not the depth that we require to deploy mission critical workloads consistently, reliably and confidently. We brought Oteemo in to train our team on all things Kubernetes. It was a great and very valuable training that provided real hands on exercises that enabled our engineers to walk away with much deeper understandings of how to setup, operate and confidently run Kubernetes at scale.”

Rod Waltermann

Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Contextual and Cloud Computing, Lenovo

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At ScienceLogic, we continue to drive industry leading innovations in Intelligent Automated IT Operations.
As we target public cloud platforms and introduce technologies such as Kubernetes we see training investments in our team as a key to success. Oteemo provided a comprehensive curriculum on Kubernetes, Containers, and cloud native architectures using real-world lab scenarios that engaged developers, DevOps, and operations engineers of all levels.

Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive and a few engineers indicated this was one of the best technical training classes they ever took. We are very pleased to have Oteemo as both a training and development partner as we continue to drive our platform into the future.”

Scott Frost

Sr. Director, Engineering, ScienceLogic

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At UC’s Risk & Safety Solutions, we continue to provide innovative technology solutions for our customers. As we move towards cloud platforms and leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes and Microservice architectures, we sought a partner to provide an assessment of our efforts. We chose Oteemo, who provided a comprehensive assessment that looked beyond the technology aspects and helped our organization understand where we are, where we want to be, and how best to get there. Their recommendations were immediately adopted by our teams during the assessment.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it ranged from our Development Team leads to our Agile Project Managers; everyone in our IT department was impacted. We are pleased to have Oteemo as a partner as we continue to drive our platform into the future.”

Safa Hussain

Executive Director, University of California

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“AccelerEd offers efficient and innovative outsourced IT services for higher education. These services allow education institutions to evolve, innovate, and advance their operations with greater efficiency and effectiveness, and provide education administrators the opportunity to focus on cultivating student success.

Adoption of cloud and cloud native capabilities are key strategic drivers for achieving our mission successfully and Oteemo has been a vital partner in our journey to adopt cloud native and Kubernetes solutions. We engaged Oteemo to design, architect, build and operate our Kubernetes platform and release engineering solutions to deliver production-grade applications. What sets Oteemo apart for us, is their technical know-how and commitment to mentoring our teams to prepare them to manage these cutting edge technologies. As a result, Oteemo helped us significantly decrease our time to market by automating our entire software delivery process. Oteemo has been a true partner and trusted advisor for us in this journey and we would not have been able to accomplish our objectives without them.”

John Shin

Vice President of Software Development, AccelerEd

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Farm Bureau Insurance, we continue to drive innovation and provide technology solutions for our
customers. Our goal is to deliver even more value by accelerating the time it takes to bring new products to market. To achieve this objective, we are committed to transforming our IT Department into a highly optimized DevOps organization.

To enable this transformation, we engaged with Oteemo to help us assess our current state of maturity with respect to our continuous delivery processes and evaluate how to bring automation within our CICD, quality engineering, security and release management process for our software programs.

Oteemo brought us tremendous value in enabling us to understand our current state, identify and document areas of enhancement and gaps in not only the technologies we were using but also our people and processes. In addition, Oteemo also delivered us a very detailed roadmap that will enable us to accelerate our
DevOps journey.”

Adam Waldron

Chief Information Officer, Farm Bureau Insurance

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Expel, we help our customers manage a deluge of security data, and our app infrastructure is a key component of that mission. When designing our new system architecture, a Kubernetes-based infrastructure was attractive to us because it offered maximum flexibility and scalability. To make sure we got the big decisions right the first time, we brought in outside expertise for guidance during the development process.

Oteemo helped us validate our initial Kubernetes platform design and provided recommendations for how to get the design up and running. Their insight was crucial to reaching our target within our budget. And they were a true partner throughout the process — their guidance was tailored to our strategy. We’re excited to have Oteemo as a Kubernetes consulting partner and are excited to work with them as we iterate in the future.”

Matt Peters

CTO, Expel

What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“Oteemo led a three day training class at DataStax. Our cloud organisation is composed of individuals with varying technical depth. Oteemo’s training helped to raise the technical depth of members of the cloud organization who needed an orientation around Kubernetes fundamentals.”

Ben Coverston

Chief Information Security Officer, Datastax
What Our Clients Say About Our Work - Oteemo

“At Mednax, our goal is to provide and drive innovative technology solutions for physicians and their patients. As we continue to innovate and create value for our customers, we are always working towards balancing speed with quality. We chose Oteemo as our strategic partner to design and implement a software test automation framework to accelerate the testing and quality assurance of the functionality of our products. This was done to set the foundations for faster software releases and to eventually reduce our time to market. “

We are very pleased with Oteemo’s technical approach, expertise, and how well they integrated into our organization. The new solution now serves as a reference across our organization. Besides the development of the solution, the Oteemo team also mentored and trained our internal staff on automation solutions to support modern technologies. The overall feedback about our experience with Oteemo across our organization (from Project Managers, Product Management, and Quality Assurance) was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to continuing to work and partner with Oteemo as we strive to deliver value to our customers.”

Cari Lewis

Senior Manager, Portfolio Lead, Mednax

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