How DevSecOps Increases Collaboration and Productivity

May 4, 2021 | By DevSecOps Team

devsecops collaboration

DevSecOps transforms a team’s workflow into a more collaborative and innovative process. IT teams that implement a DevSecOps operating model realize the benefits of DevSecOps collaboration and productivity, and thereby communicate effectively, share feedback in shorter feedback loops, and work more efficiently. And the effects of DevSecOps collaboration and productivity show in their business results. Implementing a DevSecOps infrastructure starts with a culture shift, with security at the center of development. Here’s how DevSecOps leads to collaboration and productivity within your organization. 

Benefits of DevSecOps for Your Team

Transforms Team Culture 

Enterprise DevSecOps is rooted in the culture of IT operations. Teams that haven’t implemented a DevSecOps model work in silos. These organizations lack effective communication and collaboration, which could result in software and security mishaps. And when security isn’t at the center of development, applications and organizations are at risk. DevSecOps transforms this work model by integrating development, security, and operations. The resulting culture shift is tangible. Teams work collaboratively, ensuring alignment across every aspect of the development process, embedding security throughout.   DevSecOps also encourages innovation. Since teams work together rather than in silos, they more readily share ideas to improve workflows. These collaborative values become a part of the team’s everyday mode of operation, and everyone has a stake in the quality of the final product. In many cases, companies will see an increase in employee morale and less turnover too. IT teams that shift toward DevSecOps collaboration can measure this cultural shift by collecting feedback. Culture surveys and one-on-one check-ins are just some of the ways to ensure that every employee is aligned and the organization is reaping the benefits of this operating model. Oteemo’s DevSecOps culture measurement framework has helped tens of organizations achieve alignment from leadership levels to practitioners. 

Streamlines Communication through DevSecOps Collaboration

Speed and efficiency are hallmarks of DevSecOps, and effective communication is core to this infrastructure. Communication is often challenging when IT teams lack collaboration. Small tasks can take days and weeks to complete, as employees volley communications back and forth or struggle to understand the end goal. Security issues also remain unseen when communication lags.  When adopting a DevSecOps approach, departments work and communicate within a culture of transparency. And transparency is key throughout the software development process. When an error or vulnerability occurs, DevSecOps collaboration ensures that teams identify and prevent issues more quickly, collaborating during development – not after – to resolve security, quality, and other issues.  

Instills Automation

Automated testing is core to DevSecOps and a significant productivity driver. Test automation mitigates issues early and often, reducing costly and timely delays. Test automation also reduces the risk of human error, freeing up capacity to further boost productivity and improve product quality during every step of the development process. 

DevSecOps Collaboration Fosters Trust

A culture of collaboration is a culture of trust. Enterprise DevSecOps breaks down production barriers. This translates to everyone working with the same knowledge, feedback, and metrics, accelerating the development lifecycle.  Cyber crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, making security a more pressing issue than ever. DevSecOps embeds security into the development process, ensuring its consideration in each development step.  Enterprise leaders should keep in mind that shifting culture takes time. A framework that drives alignment between teams and measures culture on a continuous basis needs to be defined. The best DevOps consultancy will help your IT organization adopt this infrastructure successfully. 

Encourages Shared Accountability

Who is responsible for security pitfalls? Who celebrates when a software launch is successful? The answer isn’t always obvious without DevSecOps collaboration. However, once this operating model is adopted, the entire team owns the results. And when every individual is accountable for the process, collaboration improves.  DevSecOps naturally leads to more collaboration and productivity through shared accountability. When companies integrate security into every step of the development process, each group has a role in catching vulnerabilities and problems. The result? Higher-quality solutions and better team morale. This improved employee satisfaction decreases turnover, cuts overhead costs, and sustains productivity month after month.   

Optimizes Metrics for Growth

Collaboration and productivity are certainly important to successfully accomplish short-term goals. However, IT best practices are always evolving, and teams need to constantly think about the future. Applying a product (vs project) mindset, DevSecOps collaboration ensures that everyone supports a common set of metrics and goals throughout every step of development. 

Allows for Shared Knowledge

It’s not uncommon for an IT operation to have knowledge gaps. DevSecOps mitigates knowledge barriers through communication, collaboration, and alignment. Teams better understand one another’s roles, and the ripple effect between and among teams throughout the development process. Remember, DevSecOps transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Implementing this infrastructure takes time, resources, and professional support. By working with a DevSecOps consultancy, your company can adapt to this operating model more effectively and efficiently. The results? A more communicative, collaborative, and productive IT operation, and ultimately more customers.  If your organization is looking to implement DevSecOps, the professionals at Oteemo are available to help. Our DevSecOps consulting services help companies of all sizes to transform their IT operations. Based in Reston, VA, our experts work with IT teams to enable them and ensure adoption of agile software development, DevSecOps, and a collaborative culture. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to start developing your DevSecOps transformation.

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