How to Modernize Your People, Processes, and Technology Through DevSecOps Enablement

May 18, 2021 | By Raja Gudepu

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DevSecOps enterprise enablement is the difference between planning a DevSecOps operating model and practicing one. When your IT team has the tools to break out of silos and work together on products (vs. projects), the results are tangible. This is why Oteemo is committed to helping our customers thrive, enabling complete DevSecOps adoption and overall self-sufficiency. 

How DevSecOps Enablement Modernizes Things

Enterprise Enablement: Beyond the Blueprint

Whether you’ve started the journey or are ready to start implementing a DevSecOps operating model, choosing the right approach to this operating model is critical. A step-by-step guide provides insight into how the model works, but a guide isn’t enough. And while many DevSecOps consultancies will write themselves into their plans, handcuffing your organization into a dependent partnership, Oteemo takes a different approach. 

Oteemo enables enterprises by upskilling and reskilling customer teams so that organizations can achieve self-sufficiency to compete efficiently and serve their customers in a better manner. 

The results? Leaders and employees will have the information and tools they need to work collaboratively and proactively rather than reactively. 

A DevSecOps operating model enhances software quality, security, and accountability. And this model requires a department-wide culture shift. Through enablement, teams become more efficient and don’t sacrifice stability or security, improving time to market and customer satisfaction. 

Steps Toward DevSecOps Enablement 

The benefits of DevSecOps enterprise enablement are vast. Here are the steps your organization can take toward modernizing its resources. 

  • Challenge Old Mindsets: Many IT departments are fragmented at the beginning stages of enablement. It takes time to break out of silos and into an integrated model. An experienced DevSecOps implementation partner will challenge existing mindsets to help your team adopt a more collaborative model.
  • Embrace Self-Sufficiency: Your DevSecOps consultancy and strategic partner will help your team build skills while identifying areas for needed growth. However, the end goal of enablement is self-sufficiency. Your department will become more self-sufficient as the adoption process goes on. By embracing the challenges of working independently, your team will get closer to full enablement. 
  • Partner with the Right Consultancy: As you are vetting enterprise IT consulting companies, compare their approaches. A consultancy that focuses on enablement will provide long-term value for your organization. You want to partner with a company that will give your team the tools and skills to be self-sufficient, so you can focus on growth. 

The DevSecOps operating model has become a gold standard across industries. However, simply learning the process isn’t enough. IT teams need to embed DevSecOps into their workflow and values to permanently transform and modernize their organization’s culture, processes, and technology. Only then will your department see lasting results and operate independently. 

As an IT business consultant, Oteemo puts enterprise enablement at the center of everything we do. We give customers the skills and tools they need to implement the DevSecOps operating model, encouraging self-sufficiency every step of the way. Based in Reston, VA, our consultancy starts with our DevSecOps blueprint and customizes enablement based on your businesses’ unique needs. Contact us today to start transforming your IT framework..



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