Nine Ways a Better DevSecOps Infrastructure Will Measurably Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

April 27, 2021 | By Raja Gudepu

devsecops infrastructure

The DevOps model revolutionized product development across all industries. When companies adopt this collaborative environment, their teams slash time to market and boost efficiency. And customers realize the benefits of this way of operating as well.

However, the DevOps models started to incorporate security as a “first-class citizen” and eventually became DevSecOps. Organizations can optimize IT operations and customer experience, and also protect themselves and customers by introducing security into the framework and operating model. Here’s how applying DevSecOps best practices can dramatically improve your company’s ability to support business objectives and customer requirements.

Here are nine ways a better DevSecOps infrastructure will measurably improve your customer satisfaction:

  • Fast & Continuous Delivery

When a company implements organization-wide DevSecOps, they accelerate software delivery and their ability to adapt to changing customer needs. While speed is critical, it doesn’t mitigate the importance of quality or security. An efficient DevSecOps operation more quickly and reliably deploys software, building customer loyalty and trust too.

A team operating under a DevSecOps model builds a collaborative culture, where goals and strategies are aligned around building products (vs projects), benefiting clients too. The team efficiently addresses business objectives and customer needs with built-in security and reliability. This efficiency also supports client satisfaction and long-term customer retention. DevSecOps operating structures function more effectively, helping companies accelerate innovation while balancing quality and cost.

  • Commitment to Quality

When departments work in silos, complications that arise in application quality and security may remain unseen during the development process. These issues can result in delayed deployment and laborious fixes. However, teams can prevent these issues from the start with a more collaborative infrastructure.

When the development, security, and operations teams work in tandem, and testing is automated, they identify issues and vulnerabilities during the production process, not after an application or enhancement is delivered. Automation streamlines the vetting process, improving quality in order to meet customer needs from the start.

  • Rapid Security Response

Even with a well-vetted DevSecOps infrastructure, issues may occur. In these cases, it’s your organization’s responsibility to resolve the issue quickly. Fortunately, you can do so more efficiently with a DevSecOps framework and operating model.

Rather than scrambling to fix the problem across departments and overcome communication barriers, your teams already work together seamlessly to address the issue. Why? Because you’ve already adapted the culture shift by properly implementing DevSecOps infrastructure, protecting both your business and your customers.

  • Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is one of the main functional domains in the Oteemo DevSecOps model. By continuously monitoring output, issues are identified and resolved in real time.

This process allows your organization to make needed product and process improvements with accurate data and trends. A DevSecOps model that successfully implements continuous monitoring helps teams identify patterns and stay ahead of vulnerabilities, ultimately building better applications and accelerating innovation.

  • Cohesive Product Messaging

An increase in communication and collaboration means everyone involved in application development is on the same page, with the same definitions of ‘done’ for the same product. Each step in the production process is aligned, accelerating software delivery, thereby improving customer experiences.

  • Reputation Management

While the quality and speed of your process certainly speaks for itself, a company’s reputation within their perspective industry matters. Your organization’s image defines customer trust. And with security becoming more important than ever, the state of your DevSecOps matters.

Without a functional DevSecOps framework and operating model, a company might fail to notice their inability to deliver on customer requirements. This could lead to poor customer retention and liability issues. And while crisis communication helps with recovery, it’s best to mitigate security issues altogether. Establishing a DevSecOps operating model is core to reputation management, sales, and customer retention.

  • Visibly Collaborative Culture

DevSecOps starts with a culture shift. Organizations that once worked in separate silos need to work collaboratively, working together to accomplish the same goals. When teams learn to work within a values-based system and thrive in this model, your customers will see the difference.

Without a DevSecOps infrastructure framework and operating model, requests and requirements get bogged down between and among teams. This back-and-forth time causes days and weeks of delays. In a collaborative culture, the customer is central to problem solving and issues are resolved more quickly.

  • Long-Term Customer Relationships

No matter your industry, customer retention is a driving force of growth. Keeping customers for years, if not decades, is essential for short and long term revenue. And when IT operates seamlessly, companies earn their customers trust and satisfaction, and ultimately stay for longer.

Improving Customer Service Through DevSecOps: What’s Next?

As organizations work to build and improve a DevSecOps infrastructure model, seeking outside support can make all the difference. Working with a DevSecOps transformation consultancy takes the guesswork out of this process. These experts offer personalized support to help your organization develop a DevSecOps framework and operating model that supports company and customer needs, ultimately improving your position within your industry.

Oteemo is proud to offer DevSecOps transformation consulting services for our customers. As a solutions-based consulting organization, we are experts in modern technology. We uniquely help customers transform IT operations through DevSecOps and cloud-native application development, enabling their ability to develop and deploy software development and delivery. Based in Reston, VA, Oteemo is committed to fostering collaboration and optimizing technology to help organizations accelerate growth. Contact us today to get started.



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