Cybersecurity – It’s something you DO, not just a product you buy

Securing your Infrastructure, Platforms, Software Supply Chain, and Data

From Fortune 500 commercial enterprises to mission critical Department of Defense programs, Oteemo has helped organizations reimagine their secure software workflows and cybersecurity practices to make cyber an integral part of digital engineering and transformation.

We offer a variety of catered services designed to solve a number of common cybersecurity gaps. Our team has extensive experience designing tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes. Simply put – if you need it secured, we can help.

The Oteemo Path to Secure Architecture


Let’s see where you are

Discover gaps and opportunities for improvement with our Comprehensive Cyber Assessment. Our initial assessment will evaluate vital assets and provide a thorough overview of your existing security posture.



We will collaborate with your leadership, engineers, and architects to design a target blueprint. A comprehensive roadmap that outlines the execution plan, milestones along with a schedule will be developed so you know the path to a desired SECURE END STATE.


Building Your Solution

Working closely with your teams we will take ownership to implement the solution in an iterative manner. Day-to-day operations and continuous monitoring play a vital role in detecting compliance and risks in real-time; we will provide strategies to help mitigate current weaknesses and create a more secure environment.


Your Team Comes First

As solutions are implemented and risk management issues arise all information will be relayed and shared with key stakeholders. Through our mentoring model we will continuously train and mentor your teams on solution development.

Offensive Security Services

We’ve developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, comprehensive services that meet the highest standards in the industry — that means working with our clients to design solutions that meet their unique needs.


Application Security

Secure your applications, pipelines, and shift security to the left of the software supply chain.


Network Security

Prevent access to sensitive data and systems by locating attack paths, exploit chains, and vulnerabilities.


Cloud Security

Uncover vulnerabilities and deploy strategies to mitigate exploits in cloud based environments.

Already have a framework? We’ve got you covered.
Our SMEs have extensive experience architecting cloud and hybrid for PCI, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC compliance, as well as other compliance frameworks. From cloud native services to kubernetes or compute nodes and a mix of all of them we can architect your environment to maximize security and reduce operational overhead.

Secure & Harden Your Software Supply Chain

Security is a priority during the development of software, but an often overlooked part of a holistic security solution is the tooling used in the software supply chain and supporting services such as CI/CD, version control, and test coverage. Frequently, these aspects of the development lifecycle are an afterthought and can be ripe for exploitation.

Common errors that can lead to security breaches
Cyber Security - Oteemo

Misconfiguration of applications that allow attackers to gain access

Cyber Security - Oteemo
Identity and access management misconfigurations that allow greater access or exposure to sensitive variables
Cyber Security - Oteemo
Unsanitized user input that can lead to command injection
Cyber Security - Oteemo
Improperly protected code, such as storing the git repos on an underlying NFS share

Security for these systems is often limited to scanning the artifacts of the software delivery process and/or the “build pipeline” for vulnerabilities. These can include unknown and undisclosed vulnerabilities, stolen developer secrets and keys, unresolved vulnerabilities in underlying libraries, hard coded credentials, or software misconfigurations that can allow for encryption removal or degradation.

As important as it is to have a secure process for building applications and containers, it’s equally as important to secure the DevOps tools, systems, nodes, and networks themselves. Oteemo is committed to, and an expert in, securing these tools and environments to help prevent attacks.

Are you a software product company that does business with Department of Defense?

Department of Defense’s Iron Bank is a secure and hardened container registry that is becoming a standard for consumption of 3rd party tools within DoD. Iron Bank compliance is the primary path for getting your software into the DoD.

As experts in Container Security, Container Hardening and Iron Bank processes, we have been helping software vendors achieve Iron Bank accreditation for their products. We offer Advisory, Consulting, and Managed Services to help you take your products into DoD’s Iron Bank

Engineering Based Approach to Cybersecurity using Infrastructure-as-Code (laC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC)

Introductions to Infrastructure-as-code (laC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC) are accessible but establishing best practices is not. Systems are often set up insecurely leaving them open to many threats including ransomware, worms, and other malware. All of this can lead to countless damages including data and intellectual property theft.

Additionally, credentials could be compromised or exposed by minor oversights. This is particularly likely if you are an MSP or a large organization with federated IT infrastructure and staff. Exposure of laC or CaC credentials can be a huge and often undetected security gap.

laC and CaC are critical to the setup and maintenance of modern infrastructure, systems, and cloud. We work with our clients to ensure that all systems are correctly configured for secure management. A report of any misconfigurations and potential threats is produced and any additional setup will be performed with your teams. Finally, any other ancillary findings will be produced such as use of secret management systems and other weaknesses in the laC infrastructure and use.

Zero Trust Architecture

We are developing ZTA solutions for most complex environments facing critical security challenges. Traditional perimeter-based network defenses with multiple layers of disjointed security technologies have proven unable to meet cybersecurity needs due to the current threat environment.

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) allows us to manage a bridge between different environments and build authentication and authorization directly into technical access policies.

This means connections can be allowed to those tools from additional networks primarily relying on the access policies. Zero Trust Architecture adds additional protection, enhancing defense in depth.

Your journey to a secure future begins here.

It all starts with our comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment that helps the capture current state of your environment and provides recommendations that are curated by our domain experts.

After your initial assessment, Oteemo will tailor one or more of our solutions to your organization and design a comprehensive plan to secure your infrastructure, platform, software supply chain, or applications and help you achieve your security goals.

Let’s get started.


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