Five Container Adoption Anti-Patterns - Oteemo

Five Container Adoption Anti-Patterns

Containers are going to change the way applications, services and infrastructure is managed and deployed. However, getting started the right way and laying a strong foundation is critical to container adoption. In this paper, you will find:

  • Five biggest anti-patterns of container adoption based on our experience.
  • Guidance to eliminate those common anti-patterns. 
  • Thinking about containers the right way.
  • Role of container runtime platform. 
  • How Containers will serve as a DevOps accelerator.

After you read this paper, we hope you

  • You will have a good understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of container adoption. 
  • Role of container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. 
  • Start your Containers journey on the right footing or address any issues immediately. 

Good luck. 

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