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Generative AI

Generative AI gives us the ability to instantly answer our complex questions, generate news articles, and even create amazingly detailed pictures. This also creates the potential for great abuse with fake data which can be used to mislead or inflame. SafeGenAI allows us to harness the power of generative AI with specific guardrails in place to prevent its misuse and to detect when fake content is being distributed.
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Custom Large Language Models

Let Oteemo help your business experience the efficiency and wonder of LLMs utilizing your own data, secured by our SafeGenAI system
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Deepfake Detection
Combat the threat of deepfakes to safeguard authenticity and ensuring the integrity of digital content in today’s evolving media landscape.
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Biometric Defeat
Enhance biometric security measures with deepfake protected systems, fortifying biometrics systems against fraudulent attempts and ensuring robust identity verification.
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Product Concept Generation
Unleash the creativity of diffusion models for Product Concepts, generating innovative ideas and driving the development of groundbreaking products and services.

Computer Vision Beyond Visible Light

Computer vision beyond visible light allows us to peer far deeper into our world and understand what it is made of. It allows us to detect buried threats, monitor the growth of entire fields at once, and even allows us to chemically fingerprint a rocket launch from space.
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Synthetic Aperture Radar
Rapidly map and identify critical targets across the landscape, underground, or even at sea from overhead platforms.
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Medical Diagnostic Imaging
Computer vision allows you to bring the power of a team of radiologist to diagnose X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans; finding what even human doctors may miss.
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Precision Agriculture
Computer vision allows farmers to monitor their entire field in real time to monitor nutrient uptake, moisture, and pH levels yielding unparalleled precision and efficiency.
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Hyperspectral Imaging
See beyond visible light and use computer vision to identify the specific spectral fingerprints of targets such as explosives, chemical weapons, and rocket fuel.

Supply Chain Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning at the Edge

Machine learning at the edge allows distributed learning across hundreds or thousands of nodes where each learns locally on its own data but constantly updates the central model, automatically becoming better over time. Edge ML is best utilized when bandwidth and processing power are scarce and data cannot be sent back to the cloud such as in space or underwater.
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Predictive Analytics: Maintenance
Elevate maintenance strategies with AI-driven Predictive Analytics, empowering businesses to anticipate and prevent equipment failures for optimal operational efficiency.
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Predictive Analytics: Supply Chain
Improve supply chain strategies with AI-driven Predictive Analytics, empowering international and global logistics to anticipate and prevent supply downtime for efficiency.
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Secure Federated Machine Learning

Utilize a single model to train across multiple nodes and learn locally without the need to connect back to the cloud; especially for austere and bandwidth constrained domains.

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Intelligent Remote Systems
Experience the power of AI in Intelligent Remote Systems, enabling advanced automation and smart decision-making for seamless remote operations and enhanced efficiency.

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