What is covered in the training?

Oteemo Kubernetes training for managers is a one-day course designed to provide a fundamental overview of the container platform for managers and executives. In this training, executives will not only learn the technological benefits of the platform but also understand how the cloud native platform drives business success. The second half of the course is designed to equip project managers with tools and techniques to manage projects related to containers and kubernetes development.

Managing Kubernetes Projects Successfully

Understand how and why Kubernetes evolved and its business benefits Ten Modules in one day covering concepts across business and technology benefits of containers and kubernetes.

Kubernetes for Managers & Executives - Oteemo

First Half

The first half of the day is geared towards executives and project managers. Concepts covered include, but not limited to, Evolution of k8s infrastructure, Enterprise modernization and transformation with containers and kubernetes, Monolith to Microservices strategy, Organizing for the future, similarities and differences with virtual machine ecosystem, How Kubernetes fits into Cloud and best practices of software development methodologies using Kubernetes and containers.

Kubernetes for Managers & Executives - Oteemo

Second Half

The second half of the day is geared for project managers to help them with managing containers and kubernetes projects efficiently. Components of kubernetes, K8s Developer perspective, K8s Ops perspective and K8s Security perspective, what does production-readiness mean for Kubernetes, On-boarding teams into K8s strategies and lessons learned, Tracking the work using Kanban / Scrum, Definitions of Done.

All of our training is instructor-led,

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