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Our approach to modern product development

We bring together the disciplines of Software Engineering, Product Management and Design & Experience to deliver digital solutions that resonate with users and ensure successful adoption in the marketplace.

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Design and Experience
Understand your users. Design and test hypothesis and iterate with users.

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Product Management
Take a product-based approach and not a project-based one. Focus on outcomes not outputs.

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Software Engineering
Best practices and modern patterns for writing high quality code that performs efficiently.

360° Application Assessment

Know where you are currently before paving the path for where you want to go. Any application modernization initiative should start with a robust assessment of the application and also the business objectives. Having done various complex assessment, we bring immense velocity and quality to developing a modernization roadmap through our 360* Application Assessment.

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1. Re-platforming vs. Re-factoring.
2. Microservices or not.
3. New programming language adoption or stick with old ones.
4. Investing in Test Automation and Quality Engineering.
5. Cloud Native or not.
6. Continuous Delivery or not.

Why Cloud Native Applications?

IT organizations moving to the cloud often miss an opportunity to maximize their investment by optimizing their applications. Cloud infrastructure provides the elasticity, scalability and on-demand access to a shared pool of compute resources (servers, storage, network etc.).

These compute resources can be rapidly provisioned with minimal effort and potentially no human interaction. However, traditional or legacy applications within enterprises were not designed to take advantage of the cloud computing model and architectures. And when organizations migrate their workloads into the cloud, they do so in a direct lift-and-shift pattern.

The applications are not being modified to maximize the efficiencies of cloud-native. Even newer green-field applications are often built following traditional application development design patterns. What you end up with when following this model is an “App in the Cloud” and not a “Cloud App”.

This approach results in applications that are not agile when the underlying infrastructure is agile and applications that cannot scale up and down rapidly based on business demands despite an underlying infrastructure that could scale and be elastic. Eventually if the applications cannot respond in a faster manner to changing business needs, the entire business suffers.

Cloud-native apps help prepare your business for new developments in the industry and information technology, allowing it to grow and change with evolving standards. Many organizations choose to invest in cloud computing technology because it offers more flexibility, space, and connectivity than local databases do. If you make the switch to the cloud for all of your system operations and data collection, you need applications and programs that are fully compatible and scalable with the cloud computing delivery model. This will allow all your business processes to run more smoothly so you can save valuable time and increase revenue.

What is Cloud Native Application Development?

What exactly are cloud-native applications? Cloud-Native application development is the practice of designing and implementing application and services that are:

Benefits of Cloud-Native Applications

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Easy Management

Cloud-native applications are designed to be easy to manage and maintain. You can seamlessly integrate them with all your business operations while cutting back on the amount of time and energy it takes to keep less compatible programs running smoothly.

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Lower Expenses

Thanks to the reliability of cloud-native apps, you can decrease your company downtime. As productivity soars, you will become a more efficient business and lower repair expenses while increasing profits.

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Increased Customer / Client Satisfaction

A higher level of productivity means your business can respond and provide service to your customers better and faster than you could with other programs. When your customers or clients walk away feeling satisfied, there is a higher chance they’ll choose you again in the future.

Our approach to Cloud-Native Application Development

We are experts in designing, architecting and implementing cloud-native apps.

Our cloud-native application development aligns with 12-factor application design principles. We are building a model and framework to rapidly create services that can scale and perform as your business needs.

We are constantly working to develop new ways of making our cloud-native apps more flexible and reliable for businesses everywhere. Helping your business streamline and simplify your processes is our main goal when it comes to developing successful applications. Our cloud-native application architecture includes cloud-compatible frameworks, microservices, optimized security features and more.

Invest in Cloud-Native App Development From Oteemo

At Oteemo, we provide the most current solutions to upgrade your system technology, and we believe it’s crucial for all businesses to have up-to-date resources at their disposal. Cloud-native app development can help you run a more successful business and stay on top of your industry. Contact us now to learn how we can optimize your company’s system and data with our cloud-native apps!

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