Cloud Management

The prevalence of the cloud and how applications are developed and deployed in the cloud amplifies every day. In addition to its importance in improving reliability and reducing costs, it’s also key for standardization, utilization, flexibility, and scalability. Yet, with all of the cloud’s benefits, come intrinsic challenges. Security tops the news and the list. Integration with existing systems and dependencies, transforming applications for the cloud, and culture shifts are among some of the other challenges cloud leaders face on a daily basis.

Experts in cloud computing, infrastructure automation, IT workload management, and migration, Oteemo helps enterprises accomplish their business objectives in the cloud. Provider-neutral, our understanding of infrastructure, middleware, application lifecycle management, CI/CD, microservices and container architectures ensures that each customer’s cloud solution is designed, architected, and implemented to meet their goals. Our hybrid cloud services help create hybrid cloud architectures with interoperability between the datacenter and public clouds to optimize, scale and manage workloads with the right cloud technologies, driving return on investment without compromising security and quality.

In addition, Oteemo is one of the few U.S. domestic firms that holds both the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Certified Kubernetes Training Provider (KTP) certifications with the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Customers leverage this expertise to assess, implement and adopt containers and Kubernetes solutions too.

Cloud Enablement

Lots of consultancies can support a cloud approach. Oteemo uniquely enables customers to ensure that your most important enterprise asset, your people, learn and adopt cloud rapidly, and trusted advisors invested in maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption and migration

Our customized and standard enablement programs are developed with a variety of tools and techniques. Self-directed online and LMS learning and challenges, virtual and in-person workshops and classrooms, and other proven approaches are used to enable cloud leaders, engineers, and developers to effectively use and manage cloud infrastructures and solutions.

Cloud Management - Oteemo

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As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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