In today’s digital world, every organization has concerns around readiness and security. Yet none have a greater responsibility than those in government. Security and readiness are every federal entities’ business, and their ability to address ever-changing threats and requirements is critical.

Oteemo supports federal enterprises by helping them successfully adopt DevSecOps and accelerate cloud native transformation. We connect people, processes, and technologies across the digital supply chain to transform defense IT operations that can deploy reliable, predictable, and secure software within hours and minutes instead of days and months.

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Defense IT Enablement

Many consultants claim the ability to transform digital supply chains. Only Oteemo takes it a step further to completely enable transformations. Oteemo’s enterprise enablement services and advanced cloud-native engineering expertise set us apart from every other consulting company. Rather than simply delivering technologies, Oteemo up-skills and re-skills through side-by-side engineering, formal and informal training, and documentation improvement and shared knowledge across all levels. Our goal is to ensure that customers are completely self-sufficient.

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The uptime, stability, performance, and ability to maintain force capabilities to defend at any time. 

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The ability to meet emergent threats quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Only a team enabled with people, processes, technologies, and a culture that can accelerate digital innovation to meet customer requirements is truly agile.

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A digital supply chain of technology, people, and processes that empowers teams to quickly identify and respond to threats and risks to data and mission readiness. safe from risk and threat that delivers predictably and reliably.

Applying “The Oteemo Way”, Oteemo connects defense personnel, processes, and technologies to define, equip, and enable efficient and effective transformation across all digital domains to:

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Deliver an action and outcomes-oriented roadmap that quickly brings modernization into mission-focused capabilities, avoiding water-scrum-fall and agile mishaps.

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Ensure successful business and technology solution adoption by enabling users and customers along the technology journey. Serve as a force multiplier to ensure personnel adoption and scalability across the command.

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Rapidly implement secure, reliable, and scalable solutions that bring the latest technologies, aligned to DOD Reference Architecture, into weapon systems and command digital supply chains.

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Unlock the power of modern technology to empower the organization to operate within the adversary’s OODA decision cycle and bring digital capabilities to the fight faster and more securely than ever before.

Defense Solutions

Software, Platform as a Service (PaaS with Accreditation), Data Suite

Oteemo helped shape and implement the DoD DevSecOps Reference Architecture. We apply our proven automation frameworks to help organizations adopt the reference architectures best suited to their operational needs and environments more efficiently. Solutions include DoD baseline controls for security and container hardening built on CNCF-standards and CIS-compliance, and RMF controls and department-specific compliance. The PaaS and Release Engineering solutions provide an audited, fully instrumented, and automated path-to-production from Code Commit to Day Two operations.

Application Refactoring and Legacy Transformation (including RDT&E support)

Oteemo provides architectural and technical solutions that to help move legacy mission and business applications into cloud-native application architectures. This means applications and services will be architected & optimized to take advantage of cloud technologies and scale. Decoupled from external services, applications are will be more stable and efficient, as they will be decoupled from external services reducing coordination friction. These projects are generally smaller in scope to remain focused, composable, and portable, following design principles.

Container Hardening

It takes significant effort to continuously maintain and manage hardening pipelines while incorporating the evolving DoD specifications and new vulnerabilities as they arise. Oteemo helps defense organizations containerize enterprise software for Kubernetes to submit to the DoD Iron Bank and become part of the digital transformation and modernization solutions across DoD programs.

Release Engineering to Mission Endpoints
(cloud, on-prem, and at the tactical edge)

The needs for deploying an enterprise business system into secure cloud infrastructure or deploying updates to embedded aircraft Operational Flight Programs (OFPs) or vehicle and Soldier or Marine-carried hardware vary.Oteemo helps defense organizations “bridge the gap” between staging containerized applications in cloud-native repositories and deploying and operationalizing them in warfighter systems effectively moving applications from the cloud to wherever needed, to address operational issues as they may arise.

Oteemo’s Federal Contract Vehicles

DevSecOps SBIR III – FEDSIM contract #47QFCA22D0505
GSA MAS – SIN 54151S Contract # 47QTCA21D006F
Air Force BOA – Contract # FA8307-20-G-0045
NASA SEWP – Contract #NNG15SD19B
Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC)
Tradewinds AI “Awardable” StatusFederal - Oteemo


Learn more about all of Oteemo’s areas of expertise and contact us to analyze your operation’s readiness.


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