Kubernetes Security Training

What is covered in the training?

Oteemo’s Security Training course is designed to help reliability engineers and others responsible for managing their organization’s Kubernetes, security, and/or cloud administration improve Kubernetes security. Like our other training offerings, the class is a combination of instructor-led segments and workshops and can be bundled with other training offerings as required.

Understand Kubernetes security fundamentals and its various layers to protect your company and its customers.

Day 1

With an emphasis on implementing security from the start, this course will teach participants about the layers of security for cloud, vm, Kubernetes, and containers, compliance and other benchmarks, common intrusion methods and how to resolve them, and other container best practices.

Day 2

A deeper dive into intrusion points, Day 2 will also address concepts such as multi-tenant cluster considerations, security tools and processes, and enterprise security tooling.

What Our Clients Say

Kubernetes Security Training - Oteemo

“At ScienceLogic, we continue to drive industry leading innovations in Intelligent Automated IT Operations.
As we target public cloud platforms and introduce technologies such as Kubernetes we see training investments in our team as a key to success. Oteemo provided a comprehensive curriculum on Kubernetes, Containers, and cloud native architectures using real-world lab scenarios that engaged developers, DevOps, and operations engineers of all levels.

Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive and a few engineers indicated this was one of the best technical training classes they ever took. We are very pleased to have Oteemo as both a training and development partner as we continue to drive our platform into the future.”

Scott Frost

Sr. Director, Engineering, ScienceLogic

All of our training is instructor-led,

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