Healthcare IT has been inconsistent for decades. Even though researchers and doctors have used artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose and address the most dangerous diseases for years, many healthcare organizations have been slow to respond to evolving customer and industry needs. 2020 magnified this lack of adoption as hospitals, health systems and patients increasingly relied on digital health technologies for safe and secure care.

And while AI – including ML (machine learning) – has been integral to delivering healthcare for a long time, it’s also a growing concern. Health systems require data and advanced analytics that are more readily available than ever before, predicting current and future needs. Oteemo helps healthcare organizations adopt modern technologies to improve efficient, secure, reliable software delivery. We work with customers in highly regulated industries, where security and reliability are priorities, to accelerate and enable digital transformation and cloud native application development, so that customers can deploy solutions in days and minutes instead of weeks and months.

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The Oteemo Way

We do this by our proven methodology called “The Oteemo Way”, connecting people, processes, and technologies to define, equip, and enable efficient and effective transformation across all digital domains so that customers:

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Deliver desired business outcomes that maximize ROI using defined goals, organized teams, and roadmaps.

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Ensure successful business and technology solution adoption by enabling users and customers along the technology journey.

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Rapidly implement secure, reliable, and scalable solutions with codified knowledge built from solving mission-critical DevSecOps and cloud challenges.

Healthcare - Oteemo


Unlock the power of modern technology.

Oteemo Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare organizations of all sizes engage Oteemo to help them adopt DevSecOps, migrate to the cloud, leverage containers, develop cloud native applications, or enhance ML models at scale. Unique to other consulting firms, Oteemo supports these efforts for customers and also helps them become self-sufficient. Instead of becoming a permanent fixture in our customers’ IT operations, we up-skill and re-skill IT teams, work side-by-side customers, mentor and teach them through formal and informal training, improve documentation and share knowledge across all levels. Our goal is to enable customers with the skills and tools that ensure adoption to realize tangible results.

The results are tangible. Mednax, a national medical group of more than 2,300 physicians in 39 states and Puerto Rico, saw an opportunity to unlock the power of modern technology to improve its operations.. Oteemo became Mednax’s digital transformation partner and helped the organization establish its DevSecOps practice, transforming its culture from a project to product mindset and embedding agility and security throughout the operation. As a result, Mednax accelerated application deployment time to market (TTM) from months to minutes, enabling better, faster patient care and diagnosis. They also dramatically improved payment processing and reporting, another important customer experience improvement.

Another healthcare organization, a Fortune 500 clinical lab, engaged Oteemo to improve its IT operating model and software delivery lifecycle too. This customer wanted to reduce manual work and address its lack of agility and a corresponding backlog. Once Oteemo helped the team establish a clear operating model under the DevSecOps principles of shared responsibility and automation, the customer was able to accomplish its goals. Manual efforts and associated incidents and costs reduced significantly while increasing security and improving TTM for new features and updates.

Both of these healthcare customers, and others, accelerated modern technology adoption with Oteemo.

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As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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