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Experienced technical and strategic developers and development leaders, Oteemo understands the challenges of implementing and integrating technologies from across the business. We help customers create software factories that accelerate reliable, secure, application development and deployment, addressing issues such as:

  • Monolithic applications and associated codebase modernization
  • Deployment and lifecycle management and prioritization
  • Regression testing and analysis
  • Upskilling
  • Staying up-to-date with technology options and opportunities

Laser-focused on removing friction from the software development process, we begin by standardizing processes and tools across all layers of the stack. We then automate repetitive activities and processes, treating everything-as-code. Using agile iterations like scrum or kanban methodologies, Oteemo continuously improves development and processes, accelerating as lessons are learned, and best practices from one application are applied to others. Our goal is to help create a center of development excellence, equipping, and enabling developers with a world-class set of tools and practices.

Areas of Expertise

DevSecOps and cloud native application development expertise, Oteemo supports developers through these areas of expertise:

Application Development - Oteemo

DevSecOps Transformation

Infusing a product (vs. project) mindset, we help teams break down silos and create a common language, shared definitions of done, and unified objectives. We also identify standards and measures, providing corresponding documentation and tools to ensure alignment and adoption. Automation is also core to our DevSecOps practice, and we help teams design and deploy continuous integration pipelines to ensure quality, testing, and security throughout development.

Application Development - Oteemo

Cloud and Containers

Vendor-agnostic with a deep understanding of cloud native application development, Kubernetes, CI\CD solutions, and microservices; Oteemo works with developers to enable scalability and elasticity needed in on- and off-premise, gapped and air-gapped, and hybrid infrastructures.

Application Development - Oteemo


Oteemo applies the same discipline and thinking to machine learning (ML) that we do to DevSecOps to align developers with data scientists to develop consistent, repeatable, and scalable ML platform environments.

Accelerate DevSecOps

Developer Enablement

A core differentiator of Oteemo’s is our enablement services. Many consulting firms claim the ability to enable IT teams transformations, yet most write themselves into the script, handcuffing customers to them inevitably. We take a different approach. Rather than simply promoting best practices, outlining processes, or delivering technologies, we up-skill and re-skill IT teams. We work side-by-side with our customers, mentoring and teaching them through formal and informal training, improving documentation and sharing knowledge across all levels to help developers accelerate adoption. We do this “The Oteemo Way”, connecting people, processes, and technologies to:

Application Development - Oteemo


Deliver desired business outcomes that maximize ROI using defined goals, organized teams, and roadmaps.

Application Development - Oteemo


Ensure successful business and technology solution adoption by enabling users and customers along the technology journey.

Application Development - Oteemo


Rapidly implement secure, reliable, and scalable solutions with codified knowledge built from solving mission-critical DevSecOps and cloud challenges.

Application Development - Oteemo


Unlock the power of modern technology.

Application Development - Oteemo

“Our IT mission, like our company mission, is to take great care of the patient every day and in every way. We do this by developing solutions and technology with highly disciplined and rigorous engineering practices, processes, and solutions. Oteemo’s help in developing and implementing measurable, quality-focused practices has significantly increased the pace of integration and innovation. I expect that our expanding partnership will continue to accelerate our capabilities.”

Adam Martin

Senior Director Applications, Mednax

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Who We Are & What We Do

As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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