Kubernetes Training for Application Developers

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What is covered in the training?

Oteemo Kubernetes training is a 19+ hour intensive and hands-on learning experience. It is aimed at providing not only the fundamental concepts of Kubernetes but also real-life insights into design, development and deployment of container-based services and workloads in a production-grade infrastructure.

Day 1: Introduction to Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes

Understand and interact with a Kubernetes Cluster. Learn about the various API objects available and how best to use them. There are 10 modules on day 1 covering concepts such as Introduction to Containers, Dockerfile development, Kubernetes Architecture, API Objects, Nodes, Namespaces, Pods, Labels and Annotations, Deployments, Deamon sets, Config Maps, StatefulSets, Service Discovery, Storage, RBAC, Ingress. All modules have hands-on lab exercises.

Day 2: Kubernetes in Depth

Kubernetes in Depth

Gain a deeper understanding of the Kubernetes architecture as we focus on the various parts of the Kubernetes Control Plane and supporting tools. Deploy a secure Kubernetes cluster using proven best practices. Building upon concepts learned from previous day, Day 2 will focus on Kubernetes In Depth with over six modules covering concepts such as Control Plane, etcd, API Server, CNI, Containers, PKI and certificates for masters and worker nodes, Master Layout, Worker Nodes, Troubleshooting techniques, Pod security and Network policy. All modules have hands-on lab exercises.

Day 3: Operating Your Kubernetes Cluster

Operating Your Kubernetes Cluster

Dive into Kubernetes ecosystem tools like Helm and strategies to efficiently manage your kubernetes cluster. Experience running a CI/CD pipeline running within the Kubernetes cluster Building upon concepts learned from previous two days, Day 3 will focus on giving trainees experience with K8s ecosystem tools such as Helm and operators. Day 3 will cover concepts such as Helm, Deployment strategies, Chart installations, Certificate management, Backup and recovery, running CI/CD pipeline in Kubernetes. All modules have hands-on lab exercises.

What Our Clients Say

“At Lenovo, we are always striving to improve and continuously modernize how we bring new products to market, with the end goal of releasing and deploying new products at the speed of our customers, with high quality, security and scalability. We decided on Kubernetes as a key architectural component to enable us to achieve our goals. Previous to our engagement with Oteemo, our team had some experience with Kubernetes but not the depth that we require to deploy mission critical workloads consistently, reliably and confidently. We brought Oteemo in to train our team on all things Kubernetes. It was a great and very valuable training that provided real hands on exercises that enabled our engineers to walk away with much deeper understandings of how to setup, operate and confidently run Kubernetes at scale”

Rod Waltermann Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Contextual and Cloud Computing, Lenovo

All of our training is instructor-led,

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