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Institutionalizing Agile

Whether starting out, in midst of Agile adoption, or scaling Agile, this Agile Workshop is adaptable to all phases of the journey.

While Agile is pervasive in the tech sector, many organizations are still struggling to reap the benefits. We at Oteemo challenge our clients to BE Agile, not just “do” Agile. We offer a different approach to adoption and scaling Agile in your organization, linking key practices to optimize the value technology can bring.

We provide an expert-led, learn-by-doing Workshop for changing how teams work cross-functionally. Our goal is to maximize team productivity and maintain adaptability – both key determinants of performance (e.g. speed, quality).

Training Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to DevSecOps and Agile

Introduce fundamentals of Agile and how it integrates with DevSecOps. Conduct half-day cross-functional simulation that explicitly demonstrates the transition from waterfall practices to DevSecOps, accommodating for Business Program participation. Participants identify core tenets and practices for all teams to integrate into daily operations after experiencing how Agile impacts productivity.

Day 2: Agile Practices for Product Planning and Development

Orientation to Product Team structures and techniques for defining Product value, coordination practices, and a decision model for prioritizing essential requirements (including human factors) and planning work. Product team members produce:

  • Product Vision and Goals
  • Product Team Working Agreement and Team-Specific RACI Matrix
  • Defined set of priority requirements
  • Product Roadmap

Day 3: Agile in Practice

The Workshop provides solutions for mitigating those drivers and developing process improvements that identify and resolve team challenges quickly and efficiently.

  • Design team-based, cross-functional solutions for blockers to Agile success
  • Work plan to institutionalize
  • Agile practice improvements
  • Validated requirements decomposition
  • Refined backlog and updated sprint planning

Training Outcomes

  • Roadmaps and prioritization decision models

  • Human-centered design and systems thinking approaches that model Agile at scale and support institutionalization of new behaviors
  • ‘Starter kit’ of templates and tools for the collective team

  • Amplified feedback loops for continuous improvement

Instead of a boilerplate agenda, we tailor all our workshops to our clients’ environments, solving issues product teams actually face day-to-day.

The result is a validated, shared set of product objectives, a roadmap for realizing operational efficiencies across the full development lifecycle, and creative, effective problem-solving practices for addressing challenges.

Agile Product Development

Institutionalizing Agile - Oteemo

Investing in tools alone doesn’t mean you’re building the right thing, nor building the thing right. Upskill your people in BEING Agile – a core dimension of a modernization transformation – to achieve real technological gains.

All of our training is instructor-led,

with a combination of real world use case examples and hands-on training. Fill out the form below.


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