No industry is more focused on time to market than those in technology. Companies of every size creating and delivering technologies rely on the ability to deploy solutions quickly, reliably, and securely.

While it may be surprising to people outside of the technology industry, those in it know they are not shielded from inefficient IT operations. Legacy applications and platforms, siloed teams, and ineffective processes plague technology enterprises as much as they hinder organizations in other industries. 

As experts in DevSecOps transformation and cloud native application development, Oteemo helps technology companies transform digitally. We connect people, processes, and technologies, embedding agility and security every step of the way, to accelerate and enable transformation and its adoption, shaving deployment cycles from weeks and months to days and minutes.

Oteemo’s areas of expertise are:

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DevSecOps Transformation

Analyze teams, technologies, and practices through the lens of our DevSecOps Functional Model to design and develop structure and guidance for all DevSecOps initiatives across the enterprise.

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We’re cloud architects, builders, service providers, and trusted advisors, helping technology companies maximize the benefits of cloud adoption and migration and cloud native application development.

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One of the few US Domestic firms that holds both the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Certified Kubernetes Training Provider (KTP) certifications with the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Oteemo helps technology enterprises configure and understand the intricacies of containers to further accelerate development and deployment.

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Leveraging the concepts and best practices of DevSecOps, Oteemo helps organizations develop consistent, repeatable, and scalable ML platform environments.

The Oteemo Way

We do this by our proven methodology “The Oteemo Way”, defining, equipping, and enabling efficient and effective transformation across every aspect of the enterprise so that customers:

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Deliver desired business outcomes that maximize ROI using defined goals, organized teams, and roadmaps.

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Ensure successful business and technology solution adoption by enabling users and customers along the technology journey.

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Rapidly implement secure, reliable, and scalable solutions with codified knowledge built from solving mission-critical DevSecOps and cloud challenges.

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Unlock the power of modern technology.

Oteemo Technology IT Solutions

As technologists, we’re passionate about enabling technology companies like ScienceLogic. An AI Ops software leader that helps clients monitor and leverage extremely diverse and complex IT environments through integration and workflow automation, ScienceLogic turned to Oteemo to simplify its architecture for on-prem deployments in order to improve its ability to address fast-changing customer needs. After conducting a detailed analysis, Oteemo created and implemented an IT improvement roadmap for ScienceLogic. As a result, ScienceLogic was able to accelerate software enhancement and upgrade abilities, dramatically improving their bottom line.

Telos is another technology organization that Oteemo helped modernize. A leading provider of cyber, cloud, and enterprise security solutions, Telos’ legacy platform prohibited them from rapidly releasing consistent, compliant software features and security enhancements. Telos engaged Oteemo to update and modernize their platform’s cloud native infrastructure for the AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, AWS C2S regions, on-premise VMWare clouds with a portable solution. Now, with improved application consistency and compliance, Telos can better support its clients’ requirements more quickly.

Discover how Oteemo can help take your technology to the next level.


Who We Are & What We Do

As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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