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Keeping a secure infrastructure with applications up and running 24/7 is no easy task. Add to it the challenges of performance, capacity utilization, and scalability while trying to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies, processes, and tools in order to deliver more value faster; you’re weighed down by all of the hats you’re wearing.

Experts in DevSecOps, cloud, containers, and MLOps, Oteemo uniquely helps you meet your objectives. We transform IT operations by connecting and enabling people, process, technology, and culture.

Embedding security across all disciplines – from culture and collaboration through continuous monitoring, and including agility, release engineering, and automation – Oteemo helps IT infrastructure and operations leaders define, equip, and enable efficient and effective transformation.

The results? Reduced mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to recovery (MTTR) and improved uptime, reliability, performance, and scalability with the visibility and predictability for long-term success.

Our goal is to help customers:

IT Infrastructure & Operations - Oteemo


Deliver desired business outcomes that maximize ROI using defined goals, organized teams, and roadmaps.

IT Infrastructure & Operations - Oteemo


Ensure successful business and technology solution adoption by enabling users and customers along the technology journey.

IT Infrastructure & Operations - Oteemo


Rapidly implement secure, reliable, and scalable solutions with codified knowledge built from solving mission-critical DevSecOps and cloud challenges.

IT Infrastructure & Operations - Oteemo


Unlock the power of modern technology.

IT Infrastructure & Operations Priorities

Commercial and government customers of every size with IT organizations numbered in the 100s to the 1,000s rely on Oteemo to address your uptime and response challenges as well as those related to:

  • Managing technical debt from legacy and insufficient resources
  • Control, integration, and visibility
  • Improving quality and lower costs
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IT Infrastructure & Operations - Oteemo

Oteemo supports your priorities through these services:

  • DevSecOps – Instilling security and automation into everything we do, Oteemo shifts cultures from a project to product mindset to optimize on-prem and cloud digital supply chains.
  • Cloud – With deep experience and thought leadership in cloud native application development across providers, we help infrastructure and operations teams maximize the benefits of cloud adoption and migration.
  • Containers – One of the first domestic companies to become Kubernetes certified and one of the few that holds both the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Certified Kubernetes Training Provider (KTP) certifications with the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Oteemo helps enterprises configure and understand the intricacies of containers to further accelerate development and deployment.
  • MLOps – Leveraging the concepts and best practices of DevSecOps, Oteemo helps organizations create and implement machine learning (ML) governance for consistent, repeatable, and scalable ML platform environments that deliver the required insights and analytics.
  • Enterprise Enablement – Oteemo uniquely works side-by-side with customers, mentoring and teaching them through formal and informal training, improving documentation, and sharing knowledge across all levels to up-skill and re-skill IT teams. Our goal, unlike many consulting firms, is to enable customers with the skills and tools that ensure adoption to realize tangible results.

IT Operations Results


Oteemo helps IT operations and infrastructure teams see real improvements. Mednax, a national medical group of more than 2,300 physicians in 39 states and Puerto Rico, was struggling with inefficient practices and processes, including a project (vs. product) mindset. After working with Oteemo, Mednax application deployment time to market (TTM) went from months to minutes, enabling better, faster patient care and diagnosis. They also dramatically improved payment processing and reporting.


Telos is another organization that Oteemo helped modernize. A leading provider of cyber, cloud, and enterprise security solutions, Telos’ legacy platform prohibited them from rapidly releasing consistent, compliant software features and security enhancements. Telos engaged Oteemo to update and modernize their platform’s cloud native infrastructure for the AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, AWS C2S regions, on-premise VMWare clouds with a portable solution. Now, with improved application consistency and compliance, Telos can better support its clients’ requirements more quickly.

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As passionate technologists, we love to push the envelope. We act as strategists, practitioners and coaches to enable enterprises to adopt modern technology and accelerate innovation.

We help customers win by meeting their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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