Founded in 2014, Oteemo helps enterprises unlock the power of modern technology to transform their businesses. Large and mid-sized commercial and government entities work with Oteemo to accelerate, adopt, and enable cloud native and DevSecOps capabilities that deploy reliable, predictable, and secure software within hours and minutes instead of days and months.

“The Oteemo Way” connects people, processes, and technologies to define, equip, and enable efficient and effective transformation across all digital domains. By evaluating and optimizing every area of the digital supply chain – integrating digital engineering, user experience, customer experience, and project and product management protocols – Oteemo helps customers Engage, Accelerate, Adopt, and Win.

Oteemo’s experience working with customers in highly regulated industries where security and reliability are paramount makes us uniquely qualified to meet these requirements. In addition to supporting leading businesses in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and related regulated industries, we also serve the DoD and several other government entities.

Oteemo and AWS

Since Oteemo’s beginnings, we’ve helped customers of all sizes in various industries adopt and leverage AWS. Oteemo ensures customer success on AWS through:

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - Oteemo
AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoOrganizational Change
Oteemo’s DevSecOps Blueprint evaluates the structures of teams (development, operations, QA, monitoring, security) and provides recommendations on how structures should change to support a DevOps operating model.

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoCI/CD
Oteemo analyzes every client’s needs and capabilities to recommend the appropriate CI\CD tooling and deployment infrastructure that achieve maximum velocity while meeting clients security and operational needs. Our proven framework – a release engineering solution with reference architecture – ensures tooling and configuration for state-of-the-art CICD solutions running within cloud native platforms.

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoMicroservices
Oteemo recommends a microservice framework to clients for greenfield application deployment and as an endpoint of a migration from legacy applications. Monitoring and Logging – Oteemo works with many different application deployments, supporting client engineering and SRE teams in an advisory capacity with regard to application monitoring.

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoInfrastructure as Code
Oteemo’s layered framework based on Ansible and Terraform with automation modules automates most AWS capabilities and services. Our automation code contains configuration management as part of infrastructure deployment, minimizing operational overhead, and works with clients to determine security baselines specific for their application environment through our AWS Cloud Security Blueprint.

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoVersion Control
Oteemo has leveraged AWS CodeCommit in various capacities – as a solution to allow IAC code (both Ansible based and Terraform) to be shared into AWS from a client datacenter and alternatively shared to remote customer AWS environments, replicated repositories for customers with stringent security controls that enforce keeping application code outside of the public cloud, and as bespoke IAC repos for customers who wished to have access to IAC where a link to source repositories was not desirable.

AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - OteemoPlatform-as-a-Service
Oteemo’s has two AWS accelerators – Kubernetes in AWS Commercial and Oteemo X-RE. Kubernetes in AWS is a production grade Kubernetes implementation with built-in security, monitoring, log aggregation, governance, networking, policy management, disaster recovery, and high-availability. Oteemo-RE is our release engineering solution with reference architecture, tooling, and configuration for state-of-the-art CICD solutions running within cloud native platforms.

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AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - Oteemo
AWS Cloud Native and DevSecOps Consultancy - Oteemo

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