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MLOps Transformation

Many organizations still lack the capability to predictably and reliably collect and use data to plan and forecast desired business outcomes.

Machine learning helps fast-track decision making about complex topics. But it comes with a caveat. In addition to requiring multiple integrations, ML infrastructure and configuration is often installed and managed manually.
These efforts alone are predictability and reliability red flags. Add to it that ML lacks explicit rules, and we find hidden biases in ML leading to massive technical debt, and ultimately, slower time-to-market new capabilities, lower quality, and greater inconsistencies.

Oteemo helps organizations develop consistent, repeatable, and scalable ML platform environments through MLOps.

Our MLOps Functional Model connects Data Management, Data Pipelines, and ML Infrastructures to orchestrate reliable, consistent ML workflows that allow data scientists to gain powerful insights through predictive and prescriptive analytics. With both the ability to predict actionable insights and understand the actions to take for the best outcomes, organizations increase productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenue.

MLOps Transformation - Oteemo

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