Infrastructure & Cloud Automation Transformation Strategy

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Our Hybrid Cloud Automation Approach

Oteemo’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Automation services enable organizations to accelerate their journey to the cloud while creating hybrid cloud architectures so our customers can seamlessly operate in the data center and public clouds.

Through our Hybrid Cloud solution, we deliver the following capabilities to our customers:

  • End-to-end visibility and management of data center and cloud workloads through a single pane of glass
  • Infrastructure that is optimized and maximizes resource utilization
  • Scalable solutions that adjust to changing workload demands
  • Self-service portal and service catalog for automatic provisioning of defined services and application environments
  • Workload lifecycle management from inception through retirement. Manage physical, virtual and container infrastructure from a unified interface
  • Resource quota enforcement, cost allocation, chargebacks and reporting.
  • Continuous discovery, monitoring and tracking.
  • Segmented user access with approval workflows.
  • Configuration auditing, change tracking and drift analysis.

Oteemo accelerates cloud adoption and ties our principles of  Infrastructure Automation into the Cloud solution for comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Automation.

What Is Cloud Automation?

Cloud automation is the use of automatic tools and system components to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform cloud management or maintenance tasks. Your cloud-based system needs frequent management to optimize functionality in accordance with your business’s requirements. However, the necessary tasks can be time-consuming and inefficient, dragging down overall company performance.

Cloud automation allows you to delegate tedious system management assignments to certain tools or programs instead. As a result, you can focus less on this part of your business and more on finding new ways to satisfy customers.


What Is Infrastructure Automation?

Infrastructure automation, also known as IT automation, involves the recording of infrastructure data in a repeatable format. Attempting to replicate certain conditions or infrastructure components comes with risks due to the potential for error, while infrastructure automation works to reduce those errors.

Manual technical operations become easier with the help of automation, which allows the exact same infrastructure to be applied to as many systems or system components as needed. This allows for faster, less risky development processes for companies. In turn, this reduces financial losses and draws in more customers and clients.

Our Cloud Infrastructure
Automation Approach

At Oteemo we believe in ensuring a stable, resilient and versionable cloud infrastructure by treating it all as code. Using industry standard configuration management and automation tools we promote consistency, reliability and security compliance, eliminating errors and snowflake configurations as we go.

We like to keep our solutions simple and flexible, involving client personnel intimately in its creation. Our unique mentoring methodology transfers the knowledge to operate and expand the solution to fit evolving needs to them throughout the engagement.

This strategy eliminates the room for human error, removes configuration drift between various environments, drives consistency and predictability and moves an organization towards operating with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Automation

More and more companies today are choosing to enhance their operations with automated software because it’s the only way to keep up with ever-changing, fast-paced industries. Information technology and automation have become important aspects of both marketing and production processes in businesses all over the world.

The long-term benefits of cloud infrastructure automation include:


  • Money Savings: Did you know that automated software can reduce the number of individuals you need to keep operations running in your company? By investing in automation, you can cut down on manual labor, thereby lowering the costs of production or development.
  • Reduced Errors: Automated systems tend to work faster and more reliably than people, meaning you can increase your rate of success with cloud infrastructure automation services. This will help you get your products or services out to your customers sooner, which makes a huge difference in revenue and the speed of business growth.
  • Scalability: Automated systems can often adapt in order to accommodate new requirements. Naturally, you expect your business to grow as you earn more customers and expand your services — scalable automated software integrates smoothly with these new developments, so you can keep operations going without having to slow down.

Why Invest in Cloud Infrastructure Automation?

The cloud has become a popular choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations and store crucial data. It’s faster, more intuitive and more secure than many types of local software, which makes it a smarter investment for your company. However, you still need a dependable method of managing and configuring your cloud infrastructure that will help keep operations moving along without your constant supervision and interference.

With flexible and easy-to-use cloud infrastructure automation programs, you can increase your revenue and make your customers happier by speeding up your processes while maintaining high quality standards. Once you’ve made the switch to automation with Oteemo, you’ll likely have a hard time imagining your business without it!

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