Flipping the Switch on DevSecOps Enablement: When Can Teams Work More Independently?

May 27, 2021 | By DevSecOps Team

DevSecOps consultants working independently

As a digital supply chain consultancy, Oteemo enables IT teams through a unique hands-on approach. Our DevSecOps enterprise enablement services upskill and reskill your operation for success. 

How do you know when you’ve fully adopted the DevSecOps operating model? 

Here’s what your leaders should know about flipping the switch from consultant-dependent to an enabled DevSecOps enterprise. 

DevSecOps and Independent Work

Goals of DevSecOps Enablement

The DevSecOps operating model requires a breakdown of silos, with everyone working toward the same goals. Since this transformation looks different for every organization, Oteemo starts by assessing every aspect of an IT organization and its objectives.

With a complete understanding of the enterprise’s organizational structure, technology stack, vision, software development lifecycle (SDLC), and skills, Oteemo creates a comprehensive roadmap toward enterprise enablement and self-sufficiency

Regardless of how you get from design to Day 2 operations, the shared goals of the DevSecOps operating model center around tools, people, and processes. Oteemo focuses on these three aspects of an IT team when enabling them. 

  • Tools: A fully-enabled DevSecOps operating model allows for agile software delivery, automated testing, and quality engineering. And all of these elements require the mastery of IT tools. Oteemo’s team of experts works with organizations to enable the use of tools to establish a more secure and efficient development environment. Our training model includes comprehensive coaching for engineers, ensuring that they can operate the tools on their own. 
  • People: Before operating in a DevSecOps framework, the people in your organization are focused on their individual roles. DevSecOps shifts this mindset to the bigger picture by breaking your teams out of silos and encouraging collaboration. Enablement ensures its adoption. 

Teams working in a fully-enabled DevSecOps operating model spot issues quickly, collaborate on solutions, and get products to market efficiently. Teams are agile and able to more reliably meet objectives.

  • Processes: Organizations seeking a DevSecOps transformation understand the importance of moving past legacy operating models. True transformation often means overhauling processes to create a more efficient and collaborative system. Oteemo helps organizations assess and optimize processes, and then reskill and upskill their teams, to more effectively meet their goals. 

Oteemo uniquely ensures DevSecOps adoption through enterprise enablement. Our consultants work in lock-step with our customers so that when they flip the switch on DevSecOps, they’re fully enabled. 

When to Flip the Switch on DevSecOps 

The above efforts are all part of a successful DevSecOps operating model. Yet, true enterprise IT enablement focuses on self-sufficiency. This is the Oteemo difference. While many consultancies write themselves into the long-term DevSecOps strategy, Oteemo’s goal is to enable teams to operate in an independent and self-sufficient manner. The question then is:

When will your organization be ready to flip the switch?

The bottom line is that your IT team will be enabled when you’re able to sustain a DevSecOps operating model without consultant support. 

This self-sufficiency looks different for everyone, so Oteemo ensures that your IT organization receives the training and support required to be fully independent. 

Remember, DevSecOps enablement involves a people-first approach to IT transformation. While a consultancy will help you transform your technology and processes, teams will be more effective when everyone adopts a collaborative mindset and puts emphasis on people transformation as well. Your organization’s culture is at the center of adoption–and it can take time to see results.

Oteemo’s DevSecOps enablement services are tailored around your organization’s needs. Our comprehensive blueprint sets the foundation for transformation, and our team of experts guide your organization toward self-sufficiency. Located in Reston, VA, our team offers cloud-native application development, container solutions, MLOps transformation, and more. Contact us today to get started.



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