The Power of Managed DevSecOps at a Fraction of the Cost

Power meets affordability – Fully outsource your DevSecOps function without sacrificing quality.

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo


Oteemo has 9+ years of experience managing and solving the most common and complex challenges in the DevSecOps domain

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

Lower Risk

We bring battle-tested DevSecOps accelerators from Day 1. Our team of experts integrate and embed within your organization and serve as an extension of your team.

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

At Scale

Our global delivery model creates a combination of near-shore and on-shore resources to offer economies of scale.

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo


Our focus is on delighting customers through design thinking and human-centered DevSecOps techniques. We will engineer and execute your DevSecOps function to align with the business outcomes that matter most.

Is Managed DevSecOps Right For you?

Discover if Managed DevSecOps is the best solution for your organization. If the answer is a “YES” to the following questions then we can help.

Do you want to focus more on Software Development without worrying about the details of software delivery?

Stay focused on developing software capabilities that matter most to your business. Let us handle the DevSecOps toolchain, pipelines, and deployment processes.

Do you want greater cost efficiencies on your DevSecOps spend?

Use your financial resources to the best effect. Managed DevSecOps can help directly impact your TCO favorably while leveraging the expertise you need without boosting headcount.

Can you engage a Services partner?

If your business model allows you to engage a Services Partner such as Oteemo, we are confident that we can work together to develop and implement a robust, scalable and growth-oriented service delivery model that will work for your organization.

The Savings Add Up



Assuming 10 team members dedicated to managing DevSecOps.
Actual savings numbers will vary based on specific scenarios.

Our Managed DevSecOps solution enables the power and flexibility of a fully outsourced solution, at reduced risk and at a fraction of the cost.

Increased ROI


Reduced TCO


Reduced Risk


Greater operational efficiency through customized and dedicated team

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

Oteemo’s depth of experience allows us to offer a variety of key DevSecOps capabilities:

  • DevOps/DevSecOps Readiness Assessments: Rapid assessment of your organization through our DevOps Maturity Models and Roadmaps.
  • Release Engineering and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Reference Architectures and automated frameworks to manage your release process and software supply chain.
  • Deployment Automation: Fully automated deployments based on standard industry practices and modern tools.
  • Security Automation and Integration: Integrate security early into the pipelines to ensure secure software delivery at the speed of relevance.
  • DevSecOps Metrics – Measure what Matters: Implement the right metrics and provide actionable visibility to stakeholders on all aspects of software delivery.

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

As an outcomes-focused organization, we believe in ensuring that technical solutions drive the right business outcomes for our customers.

  • Standardized and Automated Software Release Process to ensure all applications and software features are deployed in a consistent and predictable manner.
  • Reducing Cycle Time for Production Deployments by improving the velocity of production deployments and increasing the frequency of deployments.
  • Increased Developer Productivity by optimizing developer journey through rapid feedback loops and shifting quality and security concerns to the left of the pipeline.
  • Engaged Stakeholder Experience through DevSecOps dashboards that display key metrics and KPIs for all types of stakeholders and product teams.
  • Higher Quality at Lower Cost is achieved through automation and standardization

Download Past Case Studies

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

“At Telos Corporation, we push ourselves to take advantage of the latest technologies to improve both our product offerings and our customer’s experience. When we embarked on a journey to modernize our core product, Xacta, to align with Cloud Native and DevSecOps principles and practices, we engaged Oteemo to assist with the design and implementation of the underlying Cloud Native platform to seamlessly deploy the modernized product. We needed a portable solution and standardized model to deploy our product on-premises as well as into any of the major cloud providers (AWS, AWS GovCloud, AWS C2S, Microsoft Azure, etc.)”

“Oteemo worked with our team from requirements capture and analysis to platform design, migration strategy and roll out of the cloud native platform. They integrated seamlessly with our teams and soon became our trusted partners. Their expertise in DevSecOps, Kubernetes, automation (Ansible, Terraform, etc.), cloud and solutions, coupled with Agile principles, has enabled us to quickly and efficiently achieve our product modernization goals. We are very pleased to have Oteemo as a strategic partner in our digital transformation and modernization journey.”

Vice President, Corporate Software Development, Telos

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

“At Farm Bureau Insurance, we continue to drive innovation and provide technology solutions for our
customers. Our goal is to deliver even more value by accelerating the time it takes to bring new products to market. To achieve this objective, we are committed to transforming our IT Department into a highly optimized DevOps organization.

To enable this transformation, we engaged with Oteemo to help us assess our current state of maturity with respect to our continuous delivery processes and evaluate how to bring automation within our CICD, quality engineering, security and release management process for our software programs.

Oteemo brought us tremendous value in enabling us to understand our current state, identify and document areas of enhancement and gaps in not only the technologies we were using but also our people and processes. In addition, Oteemo also delivered us a very detailed roadmap that will enable us to accelerate our
DevOps journey.”

Chief Information Officer, Farm Bureau Insurance

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

“Our IT mission, like our company mission, is to take great care of the patient every day and in every way. We do this by developing solutions and technology with highly disciplined and rigorous engineering practices, processes, and solutions. Oteemo’s help in developing and implementing measurable, quality-focused practices has significantly increased the pace of integration and innovation. I expect that our expanding partnership will continue to accelerate our capabilities.”

Senior Director Applications, Mednax

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

“At ScienceLogic, we continue to drive industry leading innovations in Intelligent Automated IT Operations. As we target public cloud platforms and introduce technologies such as Kubernetes we see training investments in our team as a key to success. Oteemo provided a comprehensive curriculum on Kubernetes, Containers, and cloud native architectures using real-world lab scenarios that engaged developers, DevOps, and operations engineers of all levels.

Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive and a few engineers indicated this was one of the best technical training classes they ever took. We are very pleased to have Oteemo as both a training and development partner as we continue to drive our platform into the future.”

Sr. Director, Engineering, ScienceLogic

Managed DevSecOps - Oteemo

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