Level Up your Organization’s skill with Cloud Native and Kubernetes Training

Level Up your Organization’s Cloud Native and Kubernetes Skills

Whether you are just beginning to explore cloud native computing and kubernetes, or running mission-critical workloads in demanding environments, Oteemo’s Enterprise Cloud Native Training Program can help you leverage the power of Kubernetes and containers to the best possible effect.

We will work with you to define the most optimal training program that will fit your organization and help achieve the best path for leveling up your team’s skills. As a Kubernetes Certified Service Providers (KCSP) and a certified Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Oteemo has deep experience and insight in production-grade kubernetes deployments to help you approach kubernetes the right way.

Available Kubernetes Courses

What Our Clients Say

“At ScienceLogic, we continue to drive industry leading innovations in Intelligent Automated IT Operations. As we target public cloud platforms and introduce technologies such as Kubernetes we see training investments in our team as a key to success. Oteemo provided a comprehensive curriculum on Kubernetes, Containers, and cloud native architectures using real-world lab scenarios that engaged developers, DevOps, and operations engineers of all levels. Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive and a few engineers indicated this was one of the best technical training classes they ever took.”

We are very pleased to have Oteemo as both a training and development partner as we continue to drive our platform into the future.”

Scott Frost
Vice President ScienceLogic

“At Lenovo, we are always striving to improve and continuously modernize how we bring new products to market, with the end goal of releasing and deploying new products at the speed of our customers, with high quality, security and scalability. We decided on Kubernetes as a key architectural component to enable us to achieve our goals. Previous to our engagement with Oteemo, our team had some experience with Kubernetes but not the depth that we require to deploy mission critical workloads consistently, reliably and confidently. We brought Oteemo in to train our team on all things Kubernetes. It was a great and very valuable training that provided real hands on exercises that enabled our engineers to walk away with much deeper understandings of how to setup, operate and confidently run Kubernetes at scale”

Rod Walterman
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Contextual and Cloud Computing, Lenovo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from this program?

Any IT organization that has started their cloud native journey or is about to adopt Kubernetes and cloud native principles for software development and delivery.

How is the training delivered?

Training classes are delivered by a live instructor, and can be delivered virtually or onsite at our client’s offices. All training courses are developed and delivered by Oteemo’s certified kubernetes engineers who have experience building enterprise cloud native solutions.

How much does the training cost?

The learning program is designed based on your organization’s current skill and capability levels, current technologies in use and size of your teams. Oteemo’s teams will work with you to assess the right cost structure based on your goals and current state of knowledge.

Can the training be customized for our organization?

Yes. Personalization is the key differentiator of our program. Most of the time, our training curriculum as it stands should be enough for organizations. But if a customization is needed, then Oteemo will perform a quick assessment and propose a path to customized training.

All of our training is instructor-led, with a combination of real world use case examples and hands-on training.